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, Colorado
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, Colorado
58,000 Miles
Last Modified June 12, 2023

For sale: 2016 Sprinter 4×4 High Roof New Interior 2023
58,000 miles
Price $92,500

We had a new interior installed (2023) to set up the van for our family of 4. The interior has many flexible layouts to take short trips to the mountains to camp, snow chase in the winter and mountain bike in the summer along with tailgating at football games in the fall.

It has 2 rear captains chairs that recline and swivel. The van has a ton of storage with 10 soft cabinets created by Patagonia Duffels. More storage above the cockpit and in the slider step.

The rear layouts are very flexible. Main layouts are (a) Bed (b) Apres ski – w/1 panel near the door (c) Tailgating – w/1 panel near the fridge (d) Open for hauling large items – no bed or panels. We also set up the van so I fit (I’m 6′ 3″). The interior is spacious because the flarespace flares allow the bed to fit sideways.

It also has a portable potty, battery powered fresh water (2.9 gallons), and solar/battery/Victron powered fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

It is fully insulated and has a Webasto furnace. The van also comes with a ski/snowboard holder, bike rack and fishing rod holder.

We wanted to minimize maintenance in the Van, but still have creature comforts. So the Van has a potty, but no black water tank. It has a portable Dometic water system, but no gray water tanks or sink. This nearly eliminates winterization and freeze risks. It also reduces potentially gross complications and added weight from black/gray water systems that might pop up at altitude and cold weather.

We bought the van about 1 yr ago because it was 1 owner, very clean, had low miles and was meticulously maintained. It was well equipped from the factory in Germany with 4 x 4, with great options like OEM aux battery for cold starts, high output (220A) alternator, hill start assist, trailer hitch and OEM vent fan.

I now have health issues that I will battle for about a year (or longer) so we can no longer use the van as we had anticipated.

Please let me know if you have questions. Please see a very long list about the van far below.
Please see many photographs here:…/1DSL9Fcur30cZcSol1E0a11VSVIE…

For sale: 2016, Sprinter 4×4, New Unused Interior 2023
58,000 miles
Price $92,500

The Van was professionally upfitted in 2017 and had interior upgrades in 2023.
We have the records from the 2023 renovation.
We have the manuals for the electrical system from the original upfitter.
We have some photos from the original upfitter of the major work performed.

New Interior Components in 2023:
New Interior flooring (Bedrug)
New Upholstery on Flares & Wall Panels (Boulder Custom Upholstery & Trim)
New headliner shelf (Vancillary)
New water system (Dometic Go Hydration – 3 gal fresh)
New microwave (Commercial Chef)
6 New soft cabinets above the bed (Patagonia & Aspen Frontiers)
4 New soft cabinets below the bed (Patagonia & Aspen Frontiers)
Ski/Snowboard/fishing rod holders (Repurposed)
New bike holders under the bed (Rockymounts)
New Step Extension for more floor space (Flat Line Van Co)
New potty and enclosure (Cleanwaste/Custom Crating)
New headliner (Take Off from ’21 Sprinter)
New insulation (Thinsulate/Sika)

New Exterior Gear (2023)
New Adventure Roof Rack with decking (Dutch Van Parts)
New Cargo Ladder (Dutch Van Parts)

Professional upfit in ’17:
2 Rear Captains Chairs – swivel & recline (RB Components)
Sleep sideways Flares (Flarespace)
Fridge (Isotherm)
Heater (Webasto diesel)
Window covers (Strawfoot)
AT Tires (Toyo)
120 V shore charging system (Victron)
MPPT solar charge controller (Victron)
Inverter for 120 v house power (Victron)
12V lighting
Port Mercedes ventilation system to house batteries
2 Solar panels (AM Solar)
Lithium w/ Self-Heating Function (Renogy 100ah)
Steel frame 3 panel bed

Please see many photographs here:

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