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, Florida
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, Florida
123,400 Miles
Last Modified June 10, 2023

Would you love to own an Instagram-worthy campervan made for 1-2 people to travel full-time and work remotely? Perhaps also a van with stealth off-grid capabilities, tons of storage, a stationary bed, nice craftsmanship, and mostly new inside?

This is your van!

✅ LOCATION FLEXIBLE: I’m open to delivering this van within the southeastern US.

✅ PRICE NEGOTIABLE: I am ready to move on to the next phase in life and probably need surgery, but I have to sell this van first. If you’re ready to own a beautiful campervan, please make an offer within market value and I’ll probably accept!

💰 If you need financing, please get it approved before you go shopping or make an offer. I’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for campervan financing, including how to get 100% financing. If you don’t yet have enough cash in your bank account, please read my Campervan Financing Tips at

🌟 FEATURES SUMMARY: This campervan includes a robust solar electrical system with 3 ways to recharge the batteries so you’ll never lose power, 2 Lagun swivel tables with 4 mounting locations, passenger swivel seat, front and rear view cameras displayed on a touchscreen rearview mirror, fridge with true freezer, gas cooktop, large deep sink, swivel gooseneck faucet with pull-out hose and 2 spray modes, portable toilet, shower, interior clothesline, tons of storage, external water and electric hookups, and more (see below).

✨ LIKE-NEW BUILD: Many of the campervan parts were installed brand new during my late summer 2022 renovation upgrades. These items have only been used for 3 months, so they are marked below as “nearly-new”. Plus the shower and sun shade items were only used once (because most vanlifers do not actually shower in their van!) The original campervan conversion was built by a cabinetmaker in late summer 2020, so none of the campervan parts are even 3 years old. And they don’t look like they were used full-time for 3 years, so I’d say the whole campervan build is like-new. It is also exceptionally clean inside with no smells or annoying rattling sounds.

📜 CLEAN & CLEAR TITLE: This vehicle’s title is in my hands, which means you won’t need to wait for a bank to release it or call multiple depts. and wait on indefinite hold to talk to people who don’t know where, when, or how they’d be sending it. You can simply drive this van away with the title today!

👉 Watch my 60-sec. video tour at

👉 Watch my full 30-min. video tour at

-123,400 miles (low for a 2016 diesel)
-144” wheelbase (WB), regular body length, 19’5” long perfectly fits in full-size parking spots, like Walmart.
-High roof fits 6’ tall people.
-“2500” Sprinter model with automatic transmission, turbo diesel engine, 4 cylinders.
-Factory features: cruise control, Bluetooth radio with USB media port, full-size spare tire (never used) with tire changing kit, 2 Mercedes switchblade key fobs, front cab AND rear ceiling A/C. (Front A/C system was replaced new in late summer 2022. Rear system could potentially be replaced with an RV A/C unit that can run off shore power or batteries for around $1600; or ask me how I keep the inside cool without A/C even when when it’s “feels like 95ºF” outside!)
-Driver and passenger window rain guards provide air ventilation, even when raining, especially with the ceiling fan on exhaust mode.
-All windows have extra dark tint for stealth/ privacy/ insulation.
-Custom-fit, thermal-lined, magnetic, insulated window shades for every window and a regular custom-fit insulated shade for the windshield.
-“SoloDiesel Engine Protection Fuel Cap” makes it impossible to accidentally put regular fuel in this diesel tank, and it automatically seals the tank so you don’t have to touch a dirty fuel cap!
-Back door hinges can swing fully open and lock against the sides or lock in the straight out position.
-BlueTEC settlement update and water pump software updates completed. Passed Ohio emissions test in June 2022.
-Maintenance history paperwork and instruction manuals for most items will be provided in print or PDF. Plus my own tips PDF will save you a ton of time figuring out how things work!

-Stationary bed platform, so you don’t have to convert your sleeping area twice every day! Perfectly fits a full/ double size mattress.
-Large, deep kitchen sink that fits a regular-size saucepan, with metal grid sink protector and drain plug (all nearly-new).
-Gooseneck swivel faucet with pull-down hose with spray/ stream/ pause modes (nearly-new)
-Soap pump built into sink (nearly-new), so it doesn’t fall while driving.
-Gas cooktop with 2 burners (nearly-new) and portable propane tank.
-Under-cabinet mounted paper towel holder with one-handed sheet tear (nearly-new).
-Dometic 47L 12V fridge with freezer that actually freezes ice.
-Dometic FanTastic Fan over bed with 3 speeds, 2 directions, and shade cover.
-Diesel heater with thermostat; connected to vehicle fuel tank, so you don’t have to worry about refilling a separate tank.
-Camco portable chemical toilet on a hidden sliding platform (no RV black water hose to deal with!)
-2 Lagun swivel bamboo tables (nearly-new) allow 2 people to have independent work zones in their choice of 4 locations: chaise bench seat, swiveled passenger seat, and 2 on the back of the bed for working with rear door views or as a bedside table for 1 person sleeping.
-Passenger seat swivels to face rear and has Lagun swivel table mount.
-Chaise bench seat with folding leg extension, Lagun swivel table mount, and 3 IKEA seat cushions covered in water resistant outdoor fabric, plus a 4th backup new cushion (all nearly-new). Bench contains the toilet, safe, and hidden storage shelves that fit shoes, boots, bathroom scale, and full-size baking trays.
-Under sink: tip-drawer for drain plug and sponges, propane tank, grey water tank, and hooks for cleaning bottles and dust pan/ broom (all nearly-new).
-Magnetic knife rack: saves drawer space.
-Blackout curtains on curtain rod behind front cab with heat-resistant splash screen for cooking.
-Clothes drying line built into the ceiling allows you to air dry wet towels, swimwear, rain clothes, or a week’s worth of one person’s laundry (nearly-new).
-Front dash cell phone holder.
-Artificial plants: 5 potted, 2 vines (nearly-new).
-Maintenance items: food grade mineral oil for butcher block, RV toilet chemicals, diesel fuel stabilizer for long-term storage, green paint for cabinets, and misc. parts leftover from the 2020 build and 2022 renovation.

-Renogy 3000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (nearly-new), so you can use a hairdryer or kettle.
-400amp hours of battery life (2x 200aH Renogy Deep Cycle AGM batteries, 12V, 1 nearly-new battery).
-Renogy Adventurer Li-30A PWM Flush Mount Charge Controller w/ LCD Display.
-Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Module: allows you to view electrical stats on the Renogy mobile app.
-3 ways to recharge the batteries from anywhere: 1. 300W of solar on the roof (3x 100W Renogy compact solar panels, 2 nearly-new) provide free energy from the sun, 2. Renogy 40 amp DC to DC charger automatically recharges the batteries from the van’s alternator whenever the engine battery is on, 3. Samlexpower 12V battery charger with included extension power cable connects exterior power port to any standard 15 amp power outlet at a house or campsite (or you could add a 30 amp RV adapter for $10), so you can recharge from the grid!
-5 independent lighting zones: under-cabinet kitchen task lighting on a dimmer switch, living room ceiling, bedroom ceiling, garage ceiling, bedside night light.
-7x USB ports (includes at least one for each side of the bed), 8x regular plug outlets, 3x 12V cigarette outlets (van was never smoked in).

-Fresh water tank with water pump accumulator: creates a smooth, powerful water pressure.
-Removable grey water tank: easy to dump in any drain!
-Exterior water refill port with fresh water hose: easy to refill!
-Shower hose with multi-spray nozzle, pop-up outdoor shower tent, bamboo slatted mat keeps your feet out of the dirty water (tent and mat only used once). If you think you *need* an indoor shower, look up the regrets video of any YouTube vanlifer who has one, and you’ll find out why you don’t want one!
-I learned firsthand you don’t need hot water to wash dishes clean, but you could probably add a hot water tank if you want. Or just boil water as needed.

-Outdoor awning shade you can setup anywhere using included industrial suction cups, clips, and rope (all only used once).
-2 bug screen curtains with auto-closing magnetic splits; attaches with velcro to sliding door and back doors.
-Easy-to-use wheel leveling block set in carrying case (nearly-new).

-Touchscreen rearview mirror shows rearview camera and/ or front dash camera with options for recording and motion triggers.
-Smoke/ carbon monoxide detector.
-Fire extinguisher mounted on wall.

-Front cab storage: headliner shelf (nearly-new), factory front dash compartments, door compartments, visor shelves, phone holder, and 6 cup holders.
-Living area storage: 8 full-length drawers, 6 upper cabinets, 1 tip-drawer, 2 bench shelves, 2-layer fruit hammock on ceiling, 2 bamboo compartments, 1 bamboo tissue box (bedside), 1/2 wheel well, 2 wall hooks, 1 ceiling hook, and 2 mesh seat back pockets.
-Back door storage: two 12-pocket shoe organizers, 2 cargo net pockets, 3 mesh pockets, 2 quilted pockets, 3 wire baskets, and 2 wall hooks.
-Under-bed garage storage: tall floor space (may fit bicycles) with 7 hooks to take full advantage of vertical hanging space.
-Drawers and cabinets are soft-close and have unique latches that open and close with one hand for ease of use, yet stay closed even while turning sharp corners and braking. No annoying child locks or hooks that require 2 hands to use!
-Nonskid, non-adhesive liners in all drawers keep items from sliding.

👨‍💻 I can share which mobile Wifi plan I found works well, so you shouldn’t need to buy a $550 cell booster or Starlink.

💡Any item not listed above is not included in my asking price, but many of the extra items shown in my videos and photos are available to buy as optional upgrades. Please ask if interested.

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