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, California
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, California
71,000 Miles
Last Modified January 28, 2022

Dear fellow van-dwellers, off the beaten path adventure seekers!

We are selling our well loved 2016 MB Sprinter 170″ 4×4 with 71K miles. Converted by my wife and I with much love to house our family of 5 on road trips. She could benefit from just a couple of finishing details, but is definitely liveable as is.
Mechanically sound and well maintained. Emissions recall done in June, 2021.

The van has 320W Renogy solar panels to feed the Goalzero 3000x monster ($3400) to power just about whatever you want.
Dometic CFX 95DZW 12v Fridge… this thing is humongous and we usually pack 1-2 weeks worth of food in it for our family of 5.
2 fans on the roof. 1 of them Maxx Air 00-07500K MaxxFan Deluxe with Remote with in an out function and another one that only sucks air out to provide plenty of air ventilation.
Plenty of insulation and rattle trap throughout the van, including the floor.

We have two beds in the back. The bed on top is split in half and folds up to keep clearance throughout the van. Folds down and connects in the middle with the other half to form the bed. This was custom built for us by a local welder and is connected to the frame of the van.
Below the top bed, the table and benches make an extra bed. There is a small extension we add to the bottom bed to make it so I can lay down fully extended (6’1″ tall).
Bed measurements:
Top platform: 66” wide x 62” long
Top mattress: 52” wide x 62” long
From top of mattress to ceiling: 24”

Bottom platform: 60” wide x 75” long, including extension.
From bottom mattress to underneath top bed: 23”

Usually kids sleep on top, not recommended for anyone taller than 6′. There’s also a couple of hooks to hang a hammock (tested with a 165Lbs person). There’s plenty of room between the lower bed and the upper bed and good head room. Our kids 11 and 14 sleep on top and adults underneath. We also travelled in this van with our older daughter, when the kids were 16, 11 and 9. The miles on the van are road trip miles… gone all over the States (except New England). Our all time favorite place is Montana!

The van has great shoes: Nice 17” all terrain tires have plenty of traction to get you out of any sticky situations. Spare tire same size as the ones mounted. BFG 275/17 with barely 6-7K miles on them. Superb grip and stability. Method wheels.

We have a nice pine tabletop for the dining table and also a very sturdy and thick black walnut one that we switch back and forth.

Maple slab counter top with built in sink, connects to tank below sink with pump. Two 5 gallon tanks under counter, could fit another 5 gallon tank under counter.

The windshield had a small “stress crack” a week after we bought it and dealer wouldn’t deal with it. We had someone come take care of it, was never an issue for us, but might be something you’d want to replace.

Under the fridge we’ve had a small Thetford porta potti, so the sliding tray under the fridge is water proof. Don’t want to sell it with a used porta potti, so you can pick one up on Amazon or Camping World website for ~$100. We do have extra chemicals to put in the porta potti if you want that.
We store our 2 12’ blow up paddle boards and extra water in that sliding tray now.

Velcro mosquito netting with magnetic opening for back and side doors.

The table has plenty of space for the family to eat together, and storage under the benches. We currently have a portable shower, pop up chairs, life jackets and plenty of blankets under the benches now. We easily pack clothes and enough food for everyone for about 2 weeks. We have a propane stove tied behind the bench that we pull out when we need to cook.

We also changed the horn with Agile horn in Santee, Ca., so it has a decent honk, not the wimpy beep the factory horn has!

This van gets attention anywhere we go. Love the 🤙 from fellow van dwellers on the road! She is ready for your next adventure!

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