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San Francisco
, California
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San Francisco
, California
33,500 Miles
Last Modified January 19, 2023

Designer-Built Out Mercedes Metris Campervan In Excellent Condition
The perfect solution for people who want the flexibility and adventure of a campervan in a vehicle that is easy to drive and park. The van carries 5 people, is only as long as an SUV and fits in a standard garage, but converts into a comfortable camper for 4 with its smartly designed interior and pop-top. Planned and built with a lot of attention to detail and in excellent condition, this van is great for everyday use, for camping, and for transporting large goods.

It was used almost exclusively in nice weather in the Western US (CA, OR, WA, UT). Pop-top, sleeper bench, side windows and battery installed by Keystone Coachworks in Eugene, OR. The dark blue van is located in San Francisco, CA.

We, a designer-engineer-artist family, have put a lot of work into this van and absolutely love it. We are selling it because we are permanently moving abroad and can not register the vehicle overseas. We hope to find a buyer who will enjoy it as much as we did.

Comfortably sleeps 4.5 people
The 3-seater Reimo sleeper bench folds completely flat in minutes, converting into a 2-person bed. The upper level (brand new and never used) has a comfortable mattress for another 2. A custom-built extension for the lower level complete with slats and a small mattress provides space for a small human (baby or toddler) of up to 40” in height.

Pop-top and lift gate for spacious interior
The pop-top folds up and down in no time and creates a space most tall adults can stand up in (with bed folded up). The lift gate at the rear creates extra protection from rain or sun. A custom VanShower rear-tent can be attached to the lift gate to extend the space.

Smart storage solutions
The van was designed to maximize space while minimizing weight of the build-out. Drawers and storage compartments can hold lots of small equipment. The easily accessible cabinet on the side can very practically hold storage cubes with clothes. Lots of hooks, cargo nets, and even a toothbrush holder keep things organized, especially on longer trips. Several options of crates (i.e. Sidiocrates) or standard boxes fit underneath the bench. The cabinetry was designed with an aluminum extrusion system and bamboo panels, making it very sturdy but much lighter weight than conventional plywood construction (more efficient for gas mileage).

Sink and kitchen set-up
The large sink is connected to a 6 gallon water tank that can be filled with a garden hose or container through an easily accessible tank opening in the rear of the vehicle. The faucet folds down and the sink is covered with a lid. The 2.5 gallon gray water tank is translucent and easily accessible. The countertop contains a heatproof cutting board that can handle hot pots and provides space for cooking with a camping stove. The van has no built-in stove since a portable stove met our needs and we found it more practical to have the flexibility to cook outdoors.

Removable table
A height-adjustable, articulating table can be added in the back as an additional super-convenient option for cooking or picnicking under the lift gate.

The very energy efficient and silent Dometic CFX fridge holds 25 liters (or 40 cans) and can be used as a freezer or refrigerator . The position and lid on the top keep the fridge accessible at all times, no matter the position of the bench. The fridge can be completely removed if necessary.

Solar Panels and Battery
Two Renogy solar panels (200 Watt total) are solidly mounted on the roof and keep the auxiliary 100 Ah AGM battery charged even on cloudy days. The battery was recently installed (September 2022).

Power and charging station
A 600 Watt power inverter makes it possible to connect 120V standard appliances, for example to charge a laptop. USB connections in the front and back provide options for charging phones etc.

Window Partitions
The side windows include 2 small partitions each on the bottom, which can be kept open at night for fresh air.

Dimmable Lighting
Recessed dimmable lights along both sides of the van as well as in the back are practical and create a comfy ambiance.

Heating and cooling
A Propex propane heater gets the van comfortably warm in no time. It can be easily regulated and can also circulate cold air. A smoke and CO2 detector ensures safety. Thick insulated walls and floor keep the temperature level inside the van. During warm nights, the windows of the pop-top create good air circulation. A fan adds cool air to the back.

Seat heating
The two leather front seats include seat heating, which is amazing on cold and wet days.

Insulating blackout window covers
Custom-made window covers provide insulation and block the light. They easily attach with magnets.

A removable shower is connected to the water tank in the back. It can either be used for washing dishes outdoors, or as an actual (cold) shower with the rear tent.

Insect Protection
Custom nets that keep bugs out can be attached to the side door and rear.

Swiveling seats
Both front seats can be rotated to create a dining/sitting area for up to 5 people. Very useful on rainy days.

Sound system
The upgraded sound system with a 600 Watt Kenwood amplifier, 6in Focal speakers in the front and 4in Kenwood speakers in the rear creates an amazing music experience. The amp is powered by the auxiliary battery so you don’t drain the car battery when listening to music at the campsite.

Stylish interior and floor
The fabric wall cover, linoleum floor, and stained bamboo in shades of gray are elegant and cozy.

Movable Backseat Bench to maximize cargo space
The bench is mounted on rails and can be moved to various positions, creating space in the back to transport large items. If needed the bench can even be removed entirely, turning the vehicle into a cargo van.

Trailer Hitch with optional Yakima Rack System
The van includes a trailer hitch. A Yakima Rack System (optional and sold separately) can be mounted to the hitch for additional cargo space.

33,500 Miles

Vehicle Condition, Servicing and Tires
The van was fully serviced by a licensed Mercedes dealer every year and is in excellent condition. The vehicle has never been in an accident. The tires were replaced as recently as January 2022 and are in great condition.

202″ L x 76″ W x 78″ H

Vehicle Specifications
Normal driving license required
Color: Navy Blue
Fuel Type: Gasoline

X04 Multifunction steering/premium display
C20 Safety Package
C08 Cold Weather Package
C05 Premium Exterior
C02 Driver Efficiency Package
C01 Driver Comfort Package
W78 Window rear door and washers/wipers
W70 Tint for Rear Windows and Rear Side Windows
W65 Single Flip-up Tailgate
VA3 Side Wall Panel – Full Hardboard
Q24 Trailer Hitch
F61 Rear View Mirror

Electric Windows
Automatic with optional Manual Mode

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