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, Washington
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, Washington
97,500 Miles
Last Modified June 6, 2023

2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 170 WB (long) high roof 2WD fully built out for off-grid living in the most beautiful and remote places, yet incredibly comfortable to cruise long highway hours to get there. 97k miles, impeccably maintained with regular maintenance at Mercedes Dealerships.

Beautiful interior completed with high quality cedar trim and steel structural frames. This van has spent the past 3 summers exploring Alaska and winters enjoying the slopes in Colorado, California, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. It truly has it all and is ready for you to move in and live your dream van life.

Still under a 7 year 175K mile warranty with full warranty transfer documents prepared.

Water, hot shower, full kitchen, toilet, off-grid power, this van truly comes with it all.

Links to video walk throughs:

Vans spec:

Incredible Power System Ready for your Off-Grid Adventures

– 400W of Renogy solar panels mounted on an elevated custom built roof platform. Easy access for any future customizations or fixes.
– Aimes 3000W Inverter, pure sine, charges battery from shore power at 60 amps. Easily delivers over 150 amps of inverted AC to power the hot water heater, or a tea kettle, coffeemaker and much more.
– 400 Amp hours of Battleborn Lithium Phosphate batteries installed in 2020. Under a 10 year warranty.
– Renogy 40 amp DC to DC charger installed 2022. Charges battery from the alternator while driving. Uses a fully isolated circuit. We almost never used shore power or generators and relied on the DC charger and solar.
– Honda EU2000 generators wired in parallel to allow to generate up to 4,000 Watts of steady power. Selling with one, second one might be available as an add on. One generator is able to charge the batteries at the max 60 amps even in Eco mode. Full generator tank is around $2 in gasoline.
– Shore-power connector, marine-grade shore-power cable with 50 AMP, 30 AMP and 110 AMP plug adaptors as well as generator connection adaptor.
– A backup Battleborn BIM battery isolation management charger allows the batteries off of the alternator. It is fully set up and can be switched over in case of an emergency.
– All high amperage wiring is done with high quality marine grade copper low gauge wiring and inline fuses.
– Victron MPPT 100-30 solar charger controller. Connects to Victron app via Bluetooth to monitor charging history and solar charge generation.
– Victron 712 inline smart-shunt monitors battery charging and state of battery charge. Connects to Victron app through Bluetooth.

Comfortable Living Area for Day and Night

– Convertible L-shaped Couch becomes an extra long bed comfortable for two tall adults (one of us is 6’4 and the other is 5’9 and we were very comfortable sleeping there together). Can also push the L part in for more space. Comfy couch by day turns into a bed at night then packs away!
– Under bed storage for all the bedding and extra items.
– LCD TV over the bed.
– Behind the bed storage bins
– Curtains for privacy for windows and closing off front area
– Custom cabinet doors with beautiful metal carvings
– Closet for hanging your clothes and a slide out drawer cabinet with two drawers
– Lots of cabinets and drawers for storage.
– Two large slide out pantries perfect for a foodie on the road.
– Oversized Wall Mirror helps open up the space and makes it easy to get ready in the morning
– Divider slide out provides additional privacy from the world and your partner when showering or changing.

Water System, Shower and Toilet

– Massive 40 gallon water tank. We would fill up less than once every two weeks when full time living in the van. Made of clear material to easily see the state of your water supply. The water tank never accumulated bacteria or any other issues during use or storage.
– All plumbing uses PEX plumbing which can accommodate water freezing in the lines by expanding without any damage to the pipes. This is a significant benefit over other builds and a lifesaver when in remote winter areas.
– DC water pump and expansion tank ensures high water pressure all the time with no pressure lag and smooth water pump operation expanding its lifetime.
– Four gallon hot water heater running on 110V. 10 minutes from cold start to a steaming hot shower. Consumes 40 amp hours to fully heat the tank from cold. 4 gallons will allow 2 people to shower comfortably without reheating.
– Three stage under-sink water filter with an ultraviolet stage which kills bacteria, virus and more. Ensures that any water from any source is drinkable and delicious with an easy to use countertop mounted spout. Comes with backup replacement UV lamps. UV water purifiers are very effective at removing microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, and cysts.
– Dry toilet with built in bagging system.
– Full standing shower with special low water usage high pressure shower head. – Have a hot shower like at home while using little of your precious water supply.
– Shower paneling sealed with high quality marine grade sealant.
– Custom sliding Water-Resistant Shower Door for privacy and to keep water in.

Kitchen Ready for Chef-Style Meals.

– Beautiful stained butcher block kitchen countertop
– Stunning brass sink
– Oversized 110V powered refrigerator and full freezer.
– Full size microwave with oven baking feature.
– Two burner high efficiency, high heat, stove hot enough to sear or stir fry. For fulltime living the propane tank needs to be refilled every 6 months at most with full time van cooking.
– Under vehicle gray water tank.

Heating and Fan for Year Round Comfort

– Espar Airtronic Diesel Heater with digital thermostat D2. The system was fully rebuilt in 2022. The Espar is upgraded with a high altitude kit, this is a must have to be able to have heating at most ski resorts or mountainous areas. It comfortably keeps the cabin at 70 degrees or above even when it is 20 below Fahrenheit outside. This van was used in Montana and Wyoming in the winter and we were very cozy. The system at full blast uses around 1 gallon every 24 hours. General use has almost no impact on the diesel tank level.
– Electric radiant floor heating with a thermostat, ensures the floor is warm to the touch.
– MaxxAir fan with rain blocking, remote control and thermostat setting.
– Mercedes built in Airtronic D5 diesel water-based heater allows the engine and cabin to be heated on demand. You can set a schedule for cold weather to preheat the engine and cabin.
– Set up and wired to support a second fan for extra ventilation in warmer climates to increase air flow.

Additional Comforts and Security

– Interior security camera writes to local sd card or connect it to Wi-Fi for remote monitoring as needed.
– Aftermarket wireless backup camera with 12 inch screen. System is expandable to add additional wireless cameras on the van or a camera for a trailer. We found this to be a much better experience than the OEM MB camera. The wireless camera also allows tilting in case of change in view if you are carrying a bike rack or towing.
– Hood mounted Rigid LED spotlight cubes. Provides clear, daylight like, visibility in any dark offroad or backroad conditions. Interior switch to MB panel spec with inline fuse.
– Trailer hitch and wiring setup from Mercedes.
– Custom trailer hitch setup that allows to carry a cargo tray and bicycle rack at the same time.
– The Sprinter 2500 can comfortably tow additional toys including side by sides, snowmobiles and more.
– Insulating and sun reflecting window covers for windshield, front side and rear door windows. This is a must have feature for summer and winter camping to moderate temperature as well as create a private setting.
– Custom cut magnetic bug screens, ready to get in and out
– Traction Pads for recovery in sand, mud or snow.

Work from Anywhere

– Weboost cell phone booster supports 4G and 5G. Turns one bar into full service in most environments. Works with any cell phone or provider.
– Built in, rotating and removable table makes a great work space or eating space for 2. You can use it from the rotating passenger seat or from the couch.
– Front passenger seat on a 360 degree rotating mount. With the table it turns into an amazing mobile office.
– Portable Wifi Booster, turns remote free or campground wifi into a usable connection. Mounts to the van with a suction cup.

Excellent Maintenance Record

– The van is under a 7 year 175K mile warranty. With full warranty transfer documents prepared. We received over $5k in warranty covered service each year.
– BF Goodrich K02 All Terrain tires replaced in spring 2022. Under 50k warranty from the manufacturer and from Discount Tires, a nationwide shop.
– Brake pads and discs replaced spring 2022 with Mercedes OEM parts.
– Shocks and struts were replaced in spring of 2022 with Mercedes OEM equipment.
– All repairs and service performed by Mercedes dealerships or specially qualified and specialized in Mercedes Sprinter mechanics. With full service records.
– No accidents.

2wd vs 4wd – Why we chose 2wd

Over the past three years we have accessed some of the most remote places in America in all four seasons. While 4wd is a very in demand feature it adds significant cost and significantly brings down your gas mileage. More importantly our van was our house and had all of our things including all of the nice gear. The places we could reach with 2wd and the all terrain tires was as far as we would want to take a fully stocked van. In our view you can have an offroad overland short base van like the Revl or a long base full time capable of comfortable living, but not both.

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