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, Colorado
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, Colorado
62,100 Miles
Last Modified June 12, 2024

Low Mileage: With only 62,300 miles, this van has significantly lower mileage compared to other vans on the market, making it a desirable choice for buyers seeking reliability and longevity.

Custom Conversion: This camper van conversion is designed to be simple and rugged, catering to outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize durability and functionality. The bed/garage frame is constructed of tslot aluminum and can be easily reconfigured to the buyers desires. Custom design adds value and uniqueness to the van, setting it apart from factory-made models.

Insulation: Painstakingly insulated with New Zealand sheep’s wool and a vapor barrier which provides excellent thermal performance and moisture management, ensuring a comfortable living space in hot/cold/loud conditions. Sheep’s wool has antimicrobial qualities, no mold here!

Solar Power System: The inclusion of 2x 175 watt Renology flexible solar panels feeding into an EcoFlow Delta 1300 portable power station (solar generator) offers off-grid capabilities, allowing for sustainable and self-sufficient power generation. The power station drives 12volt LCD lighting system, water pump/faucet, Maxxair vent with fan and outlet for Dometic fridge/freezer. Multiple AC outlets lets you bring home to the camp site!

Kitchen Setup: The rugged Craftsman tool chest with a butcher block countertop, stainless steel sink, 12-volt pump/faucet, and top-of-the-line Dometic refrigerator freezer (AC and DC) provides a functional and well-equipped kitchen area for cooking and food storage on the go. Potable water is easy to remove and fill 5 gallon can, grey water tank is 5 gallon can.

Seating and Sleeping Arrangements: Both front seats swivel to face galley area. The removable 2-seat bench seat with seat belts (1 adult or 2 kids), along with the configurable 80/20 t-slot aluminum bed and garage framework, offer versatile seating and sleeping options for customization to the owner’s preferences. Memoryfoam mattress cut to fit the bed space.

Overall, this camper van conversion offers a combination of low mileage, custom rugged design, and high-quality features that will appeal to buyers seeking a reliable and adventure-ready vehicle.

Did I mention it has only 62,300 miles? This is probably the best value on the market.

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