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Incline Village
, Nevada
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Incline Village
, Nevada
2,500 Miles
Last Modified December 14, 2022

2018 159” Ram Promaster with brand new engine. Van itself has ~94k miles, new engine has ~2.5k and comes with a 60k mile warranty from the dealership. Recently cleanied, repainted, and refinished.

Price: $84,950
Location: Reno, NV (Incline Village). Domestic delivery negotiable.

Electrical System
• 2x100w NewPowa monocrystalline solar panels
• 3x100Ah 12V Battle Born lithium batteries
• 2000w Victron Multiplus inverter/sharger
• Victron Lynx distributor
• Victron Battery Monitor
• Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 solar charge controller
• 2xVictron-TR Smart 12/12V-30A Isolated Battery-to-Battery Chargers (wired in parrallel – charge the batteries while you drive)
• 11x120v plug-in outlets (your typical house outlet)
• 8x12v USB outlets
• CRX-1140S Dometic 4.6 cubic foot AC/DC 12v stainless steel refrigerator/freezer
• weBoost Drive Reach RV cell signal booster (on up/down ratchet mount)
• 2xMaxxair Fans + insulated roof vent cover
• Smoke, Carbon Dioxide, and Propane alarms

Water System
• 40 gal fresh water tank
• 10 gal grey water tank with solenoid open/close switch
• Clearsource Ultra OnBoard Pro 3-stage water filter
• Stiebel Electron 2.5 gal 1300w water heater (on timer switch)
• Shurflo Strainer
• Shurflo Water Pump
• Shurflo Accumulator
• Calacatta 18-inch Stainless Steel kitchen sink (w/ removable cutting board), faucet, and soap dispenser
• Nosame Water Saving shower head (Toilet can be removed from shower while showering)
• Nautilus Retractable Shower Door
• Shower squeegee and soap holder
• 4-season plumbing (internal plumbing from shower to grey tank)
• Whale Gulper 220 Pump (for grey shower water)
• Fresh and Grey water tank gauges
• Dura Faucet quick-connect sprayer/outdoor shower (in back near bikes)
• Expandable flexi hose (use to fill fresh water tank from source)

Propane System
• 20 lb propane tank in sealed and vented locker
• Camp Chef Professional stove/oven with fan in back to mitigate heat build-up (this is also on an on/off solenoid valve)
• Propex HeatSource HS200 heater with upgraded digital thermostat

• Doubled-up Havelock Wool insulation (twice the recommended amount)
• Insulated sliding door between cab and cargo space
• Airhead composting toilet (comes with 6 Coco Coir bricks)
• Back Country A/T2 all-terrain tires with Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rating (these have about 10k miles on them)
• Rear Sumo Springs
• ZINUS Full-Size 6 Inch Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
• Large drawers, cabinets, and storage spaces
• Passenger Scopema Seat Swivel
• Mason jar rack
• Two flip-up counter spaces
• Slide-out table for dining, work, and games
• Slide-out bike tray (initially designed to fit one size L mountain bike and one 56cm road bike – or, put bikes on the back and use this for storage bins)
• RockyMount mtn bike fork, Thule road bike fork (if you need them)
• Removable ski rack for alpine and/or nordic skis
Roof deck and telescoping ladder
• Baltic birch cabinetry
• Shear Comfort Soft-Touch faux leather seat covers
• Butcher Block countertops with natural Tung Oil finish from The Milk Paint Company
• Zero-VOC semi-gloss white paint
• Two mounts for acoustic and electric guitars (can be removed, patched, and painted over if you don’t want these)
• Custom aluminum roof rack that can easily be conformed to your needs (remove 1/2 the deck and add a cargo box?)
• 3” memory foam bench cushion (does not come upholstered or include the rug wrapped around it in picture)
• Intro-Tech Hexomat Front Floor mat
• The panels on the side and back doors are removable, so you could easily add windows to these in the future

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