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San Francisco
, California
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San Francisco
, California
49,500 Miles
Last Modified June 7, 2023

2018 Ram Promaster
49,500 miles
Full van walkthrough here:

After traveling in the van full time for over 2 years, I’m finally selling it and everything in it to focus travel internationally for a few years. I designed the van and had it custom built by Rocky Mountain Camper Vans out of Toronto in 2020. The design is very functional and is built and equipped for a digital nomad that is into fitness and outdoor adventure. The floors are hardwood laminate, the walls and roof are tongue-in-groove pine. The roof is treated with a Japanese wood burning technique called “shou sugi ban” which gives it a great burned look. The countertop is custom built, tiger-stripe bamboo. The walls and ceiling are fully insulated with Havelock wool insulation. Van includes all magnetic window shade coverings.

The van features a full bathroom with a Laveo Dry Flush toilet, shower w/ hot water, and two high-efficiency shower heads, and a full-sized, marine style retractable shower door. The kitchen has all electric appliances and a 12v stainless steel 3.3 cubic foot upright fridge with freezer. It also has a full sized stainless steel sink with modern faucet and 2-stage water filtration spout, dry goods corral, plenty of pantry space, and a bar with space for 6 full-sized bottles of wine or liquor. The kitchen also comes fully equipped with all the electric appliances, pots, pans, cutlery, plates, cups, mugs, etc that you’ll need to start your adventure.

The van has lots of storage in the garage beneath the bed, a bank of cabinets with custom shelving and soft-close slide out drawers. The shower also doubles as a closet when not in use. All cabinets have marine style latches to keep the doors closed while in motion. There is a full length cabinet across the head of the bed to store clothing.

The bed area converts to a couch/seating area with 2-3 desks and facing the wall-mounted dual 27”monitors. All the computer equipment is connected through the USB-C docking station, so all you need to do is plug in your laptop and the 2 monitors and wireless keyboard/mouse will all work. There are 5 lagun table mounting brackets around the van: 4 in the bed area, and one in the cab. Both seats swivel in the cab and you can mount a table to between them to share a meal for 2.

Power System:
400W solar
400ah Lithium battery bank
3000w Inverter
Van engine alternator charges the battery bank
110v shore power w/ 50’ extension cord

HVAC system:
Espar gasoline hydronic heater
Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Conditioner

Water System:
35 gal water tank
6 gal gray water tank
Espar gasoline tankless water heater
12v water pump

1x 27” Samsung smart TV
1x 27” Samsung LED curved monitor
4g wireless hotspot
SureCall Fusion2Go 4g signal booster
Winegard Wifi booster and 4g- wifi
Starlink RV mobile dish w/ 50’ cable
USB-C docking station (to connect laptop to everything)
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Front and rear dash cams w/ rearview mirror display
Upgraded infotainment center w/ navigation, etc

Safety upgrades, equipment, and tools:
Oversized Pirelli all terrain tires (provides 2 inches of additional lift)
Foldable traction boards
Hydraulic jack
2x jack stands
Jumper cables
Air compressor with 1 gal tank
Full tool box filled with everything you’ll need to work on the van
Battery powered wet/dry shop vac
12v air pump (for bike tires)

Cooking Appliances:
2.2hp Blendtec Blender
Aluminum chemex pour-over coffee maker
Aluminum french press
Hot water kettle
Rice Cooker
Griddle/sandwich press
Electric skillet
Induction cooktop w/ all pots and pans
Backup propane camp stove

Photography Equipment:
Sony A7XIII mirrorless camera
3x Lenses (17-24mm, 25-75mm, 75-300mm)
Rode Wireless mic
Various tripods and mounts for camera
2x Lumecube lighting kits with mounts and accessories
DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone with 2 spare batteries and smart controller

Exercise equipment:
Adjustable 50lbs weighted vest
45lbs sandbag
Foam Roller
4×6’ Astroturf
Pullup bar (mounts between rear doors when open)
Ab Mat
50lbs kettlebell
35lbs kettlebell
20lbs medicine ball
20lbs slam ball
Gymnastics rings
Weighted sled
2x 5-50lbs adjustable dumbbells

Adventure gear:
First aid kit
Hammock w/ rain fly (can use as tent)
Dost electric Mountain bike w/ extra battery pack (120mi range)
Helmet and accessories for bike
Inflatable standup paddle board
Snorkeling gear
Rock climbing gear
Hammock chair
Folding camp chair

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