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, North Carolina
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, North Carolina
85,192 Miles
Last Modified June 10, 2024

2018 Ford Transit Connect Campervan with Titanium Trim Package & Extended Wheelbase

This van boasts the convenience of a daily driver that transforms into a cozy home on wheels. It’s HOA friendly, fits in a carwash and a standard 7′ garage!!

Also easy on the vacation budget with 27 MPG highway.

Here’s her history:

I purchased this van in April of 2019 (unrenovated) from the Kindle Ford Dealership in New Jersey. Prior to my owning it, an older couple had leased it for 10 months/4,053 miles. So, although I am technically the second owner, this van has been cared for like it was a one-owner vehicle. The vast majority of the 85,192 miles are all highway and this van has been meticulously maintained. It has never been in an accident, never smoked in and never housed any pets. It has all of the top-of-the-line trim level features which make it extremely comfortable as a cross-county vehicle. It fits in almost any campsite, has rear heat/ac and a remote start to activate those features at night. Most features in the back are completely removable which makes the van very versatile.

This mini campervan has two super comfy leather heated front seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, lane assist, rear camera, navigation system, Sync, Ford Pass, portable 1500W Flex Inergy battery/inverter, 175 W Renogy flexible solar panel and 10-speed reversible max air fan with remote (both installed on the roof), roof rails, removable bench to twin size bed (sleeps one or two), Voifo front dash cam, new Blackpine Sports foldable portable toilet, new Helio Nemo 2.9-gallon high pressure shower, 12-volt portable cooler, Weathertech custom fit sunshades for 3 front windows, custom made blackout panels and full curtains for rear of van. (I have opted more recently just to use just the blackout panels since the windows are limo tinted, but 8 more matching curtain panels & rods are included in the price.)

This van also has an extended warranty that I purchased right before the manufacturers 60k warranty expired. In December of 2022 I purchased an “Ultimate Direct” warranty through Carchex that covers most repairs with a $100 deductible. It is one of their best policies. I have paid 19 or the 35 payments so far @ 93.64/month. If you choose to pay for the transfer (which is $100) and complete the remaining 16 payments, the van will be covered until 11/09/2027 or 134,764 miles – whichever comes first. To be transparent, I take the van to the Ford Dealership if I need anything repaired and although Carchex has never given me an issue with the labor charges, they have quibbled about the parts charges at times. You have the option of taking it to a regular repair shop or paying the difference in the dealership parts charge. I always choose the latter because I am confident in the dealership repairs.

Recent repairs have included a new AC compressor (last year) and a new battery/starter about 6 months ago. The tires are now at a 4 in the front and a 6 in the back. I have two wrapped tires in the garage (from my last change) that are both a 6 and you are welcome to them. The spare is full size under the van.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. I’m sad to see her go – but sincerely hope that she brings someone else as much joy in travel as she has brought me over the past few years. The reason for sale is that I’ve seen most of the national parks on my list and have yet to be “over the pond”

Note: No Money orders or personal checks. I will accept cash or bank drafts (that can be verified) Thanks!

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