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, New York
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, New York
27,000 Miles
Last Modified May 18, 2023

MEDIUM ROOF – 5’10” standing clearance inside.

NYS Inspection April 2023. Can send multipoint inspection report showing everything is in great shape.
Well maintained, low miles, no off-roading, clear title.

Van is built-out halfway (fully insulated, roof rails, 2 fans, birch wood walls/ceiling, laminate floor, lighting installed; electrical, cabinetry + sofa-bed started) Finish the layout exactly how you want it!

Built with future proofing in mind- closets and bed were installed to be easily removed, existing wiring is easily customizable, there are cavities accessible if you’d like to run more wires (including to the roof), affix cabinetry anywhere to the lower side panels, roof rails have lots of options for fasteners and placement.

2 Roof fans – MaxxDeluxe (intake/exhaust functions, can run while it’s raining, can leave open when driving)
Composting toilet (not installed) C-Head
Cell booster/Wifi extender – SolidRF (5G, compatible with all networks, omnidirectional antenna)
Portable power station – Ecoflow River (charge from vehicle, solar or wall; can use it while it’s charging, 11 ports – ac/dc/usb/usb-c/12v)
External navigation system – Garmin
L-Track roof rails (rails have multiple attachment points and types of fasteners that can be used; affix solar panels, tie down gear, install a roof deck, add an awning, etc)

Lightweight birch walls + ceiling
Backside painted with Kilz water/mildew resistant paint
Fully insulated (mineral wool, XPS foam board, Reflectix)
Floor construction – pressure-treated plywood subfloor, undercoated with water/mildew resistant paint, and laminate flooring
Sound-deadening, thermal insulative mat lining roof of cabin – Hushmat

Wired for solar panels – Renogy cables
Lighting installed (waterproof, dimmable, LED puck lights)
Undesignated wires run to the back of and other side of van, easy to customize your electrical system (14/2 + 12/2 Romex, all wires are labeled, easy to access)

2 closets. One of them can fit the composting toilet.
Seating pulls out to a full size platform bed; it’s on drawer slides and simply pulls out like a drawer
Over-cabin storage compartment

Selling because I got a dog, the dog wanted a house with a yard, so I bought the dog a house with a yard and unfortunately the van hasn’t seen much love since.

Fits in a parking spot, is easy to drive, fully paid off

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