, Washington

, Washington
28,085 Miles

– We are pretty firm on pricing. We have dropped from our original asking price (49999) and we feel that 44999 is a very fair price based on the modifications and low mileage. Pricing breakdown is below:
– Vehicle: $43,000 (median KBB estimate)
– Materials (No labor, 80% discount): $2000

– 2018 Ford Transit 250 Van
– Medium Roof w/Sliding Side Door
– Long Wheel Base (LWB, 148″)
– 28k miles
– Single Owner, Clean Title
– Can provide VIN on request

– I bought this van in 2018 from a Ford Dealership (brand new) and I have been the sole owner. I converted this van with my wife and we used it on some trips over the past two years.
– In 2022, we reached 90% completeness, with gas/water/electric and basic furnishing.
– Jan 2023, we decided to redo the interior using 80/20 Aluminum for the structure. During this project we we found out we were having a baby! With this in mind, we don’t foresee ourselves seriously utilizing the van for a few years and think it is best to sell.
– It is in great condition and All of the projects are high-quality products and have been installed in a professional manner! We think the current state of the van is perfect for someone to overtake the vehicle and finish the last phase with furnishing, electrical, plumbing, and gas.

The solar panels have the appropriate cables routed and the propane tank has Pro Flex pipe routed as well. Ready to go!

Additionally, we have an 80% complete cabinet with a sink, faucet, and a propane burner that we can bundle with this sale for free.

Minor items:
– Slight rust on steel propane tank brackets
– Minor scratch on the side of the van (blue mark behind ladder)
– Very minor residue on the back door from previous stickers
– Need to reinstall the OEM foam blocks above the Driver/Passenger seat. I removed this (along with all the other OEM plastic fixtures) when I bought the van new. Turns out these are important for directing the airbags. The foam blocks cost approx. $300 total and require very minor install work. Will try to do it myself and will update the ad if it is complete.

– Will only take Cashier’s checks from banks. Ideally, I am at the bank when the Cashier’s check is produced. Otherwise, I will need to call to verify the check is valid prior to handing over keys.
– Will sign the vehicle over at the bank (if there is a lien) or at the DMV (if the payment is cash).

Propane Tank ($400 new):
– Manchester 10” x 32”, 10gal tank. Example Product here:
– https://www.caterdepot.com/9_9_Gallon_10x32_Manchester_Larger_Propane_Tank_p/g080jx.htm

Solar Panels ($400 new):
– (2) 175W Solar Panels
– Exact Product Here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0772PD96K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1

MaxAir Fan ($300 new):
– https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MJUUNMY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Tires ($1000 new):
– BF Goodrich Tires
– Less than 2000 miles

Roof Rack ($3000 new):
– Brand: Aluminess

Propex Heater ($500 new)

Floor (Est: $900):
– Lifeproof Laminate Flooring
– ¾” Plywood
– 2 layers of Minicell insulation (1/2” and ¼”)

Ceiling (Est: $700):
– Shiplock Wood attached to 1×2 Furring Strips
– 3M Thinsulate on all flat surfaces
– Havelock Sheepwool in any pockets

Walls (Est: $900):
– ¼” Baltic Birch attached to lattice of 1x4s
– 3M Thinsulate on all flat surfaces
– Havelock Sheepwool in any pockets

Window ($1200 new)
– https://www.dkhardware.com/2015-oem-design-all-glass-look-ford-transit-drivers-side-forward-window-for-130-or-148-sta-fw293l-product-87958.html

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