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, Colorado
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, Colorado
22,345 Miles
Last Modified February 23, 2024

2018 Sprinter Camper Van 2500 4×4

Asking $112,500 or make an offer. I am a motivated seller.

Fully loaded for adventure travel and extended time off grid with all the extra systems and convenience needed to support long term and comfortable travel away from the highways. That said, we also used it for plenty of long weekends of simple camping and National Park organized camping as well. This was a covid project to keep us sane so we took our time to build it right and with enough thought on placement and use of the individual systems.

While I am a craftsman and I did a majority of the work to put this beast together, there were certain items that I knew would be better done by a professional for specific tasks. I have pointed those items out as professional installations in the details section below for reference. The vehicle is set up to really go anywhere. We have taken it (albeit carefully) into some serious backroad and off grid areas, big inclines/declines, water obstacles and many rocky roads that Colorado, Utah and New Mexico have to offer. It has performed beautifully for us. We have lost the free time to use it as much as we want due to other life events and it just doesn’t get used as much as it should so rather than sitting in the driveway we are passing it onto the next family for fun and adventure.

It is set up for a family of three but could be changed easily if needed. The rear seat folds up and down for space but when down it has seating for two and our son has brought friends along a few times for camping (total of 4). The rear folding bed lays over the foot area for the main bed. It folds out of the way during the day and folds down at night and is great for kids. It is mounted with two simple bolts so it can be removed when/if needed.I was planning on removing the folding bed and the rear seat at some point when it was just two people camping but we haven’t gotten that far yet, though it would be pretty simple to modify for two people long term.

All Sprinter Service performed at MB in Westminster, CO. Both the A and B Service have been completed. I have service records as well as all of the manuals and details for operation and maintenance for every system listed below.

Four season camper with 22,345 Miles.
• Agile off-road RIP (ride improvement) Kit installed (Professional Installation) – While the point of this kit was to greatly improve the drive quality and ride of the van it did also give it about a 2 inch lift which was a nice bonus that we have appreciated when off roading.
• Off Road Tires – BFG K02 285/70/17 (x5) – They are estimated at 60-70% life remaining.
• Roambuilt wheels 17” (x5)
• Front Bumper for headlight protection (also has mounts for additional lighting)
• Roof Top Rhino Rack w/ 8 attachment points for strength. With everything else mounted on the roof there is still room in the rear to sit up at the higher level if desired, or to fit our three paddle boards during transport
• Light Bar – Roof Mounted w/ driver located switch for easy access while driving
• Aluminess Side Ladder
• Snugger SF2300 Diesel Air Heater – Sips directly from the main tank so no extra fuel storage needed. Mounted under the passenger seat.
• 120 Watt Renogy Solar Panels (x2) – Mounted to roof Rhino Rack
• House Battery – 115 AH Deep Cell AGM batteries (x3) – Total of 345AH
• Magnum Dimensions – CSW2012-X 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter (3 AC Plugs currently wired into the van)
• Multiple USB charging locations throughout the entire cabin from front to rear.
• Maxxair Roof Top Fan
• 47 Gallon Gas Tank – Owl Van aftermarket tank (Installed by Owl Van Colorado) This gives the van a 550-600 miles range when full which allows you to go pretty much anywhere without worry. We generally only filled it halfway unless we were headed for longer term offroad trips.
• Custom Cabinets – Bamboo Fronts and construction mounted onto 80/20 Aluminum structure for light weight and high strength/stability
• Bamboo cabinet doors and counter tops
• Stainless steel DEEP sink for better usability
• 7 Gallon Grey Water Tank (located under the sink for easy manual removal and empty)
• Sink Faucet can be used to shower next to the van door or the secondary hot water shower can be used.
• Norcold N1000 Series Refrigerator – Upright refrigerator – This has space to keep perishable food to last 7-10 days. 3.2 cuft in fridge and 0.3 cuft in Freezer (freezer is separated)
• 44 Gallon fresh water tank – located over one wheel well with pump (Shurflo) that can supply either the sink or a shower off the back of the van. We never ran out of water.
• Pentair Shurflow 4008 RV Revolution Pump for water system
• Water Level Monitor – LevelGuard 200
• Facon Holding Tank Heater – Water Tank heating mat with remote switch – this will keep the water tank from freezing overnight if the conditions require it. If you put this on, turn off the water pump and open the faucet you can camp in well below freezing temps (we have done a bit of ski camping overnight) and not worry about the water breaking any plumbing but still have water when you need it
• Insulated – All walls and ceiling panels insulated with, reflectix, vapor barrier, rock wool and covered with support walls that have additional insulation under the fabric. The floor additionally has 1” of solid core insulation under the plywood and finish flooring.
• Flooring is LifeProof Vinyl type materials so has no problem with dirt or water. Easy to clean.
• Porta Potti – We have never used it (the woods have always worked for us) but it will go with the van.
• Joolca HOTTAP – Hot Water Heater – On demand hot water for showers. It works wonderfully for hot showers. Portable as well but currently set up for use when connected to the water pump in the rear cargo area. Additional tubing and river filter to use it anywhere needed. It is the full combo system from Joolca.
• Custom Bed – 8” deep mattress is very comfortable. It is a tempur-pedic style foam mattress and has held up very well.
• Reading Lights – 3 of them are installed for the beds in the rear area with separate switches.
• L-Track installed throughout the van for additional secure tie downs if needed.
• Power management – CTEK Systems D250S Dual system with Smartpass 120 controller
• CTEK – Battery Monitor BM-2 – Shows percent, time and overall voltage in/out/current
• Power Supply – System wired directly to solar panels and to the 220AMP alternator. Additional connection on the exterior for 120V shore power when available and if needed. The batteries and solar and drive charging keep up with all of the power needs for us running two fridges, fan, lights and electronics charging with plenty to spare.
• Additional battery in engine compartment – currently tied into the system to support the starter battery as primary and then house as secondary. Total of 5 batteries in the Van.
• 1UP Bike trays – (x2) Attached on top of the rear outside cargo box. These held the bikes securely even on the rough back roads.
• Owl Vans exterior cargo box with interior shelf (I keep my 5lb propane tank out here for cooking and hot water use)
• Owl Vans Rear Tire Carrier – Located on rear driver side it also has an additional connection for another hanging bike rack if needed to bring total bike capacity to 3. I still have the basket to attach the spare under the van if someone wanted to move it back to allow for more rear door storage.
• Decked Storage System – Sprinter specific hard case storage system installed under the bed with two large pull outs with huge storage capability
• JVC KW-Z100W – Aftermarket Music entertainment center and navigation output (the MB Factory receiver was garbage in our opinion). It is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capable. We cast our phones to it for navigation as well.
• 6 inch speakers mounted on the rear doors for additional sound
• Vancillary Storage Shelf – above captain’s chairs
• Captain’s Chairs – Both front seats are mounted on 360 degree rotation capable plates to allow seats to be turned when needed
• WeBoost Drive Reach Cell Signal System – Roof Mounted receiver with interior unit located in the front compartment between the seats, but with enough extra line to move it if needed. We find it gets us about 1 extra bar when out in the wilderness.
• Carbon Monoxide Monitor located in the main cabin.
• RB Components Side Sliding Door Bug Screen – This unit rolls up and down when needed for easy deployment in buggy areas. Magnetic closure works great. Additionally, I have bug screens for both of the front windows.
• Full custom made decorative window covers for all windows – effectively blocks all light and are attached using magnets sewn into the fabric.
• Rear passenger seat is bolted through the frame and lifts up and down easily to allow for two passengers in the rear with compliant seat belts but also stores out of the way when parked. (professionally installed)
• Roof Mounted Metal Gas Canister Holder for External Gas Tank – Just in case you were ever worried about the main tank being too small (hah)
• Flarespace Side Flares – Mounted on both sides of the bed for over 6’ of side to side sleeping space (professionally painted and installed)
• RB Components Side Windows – Two of these installed in the main cabin area. They have the ability to open for air flow when needed and allow the rear passenger excellent views (professionally installed)
• Traction Mats – Root mounted to be easily accessed if you ever get stuck. Will hold two treads.

I have full electrical drawings for the entire van as well as location of all weight bearing wall/floor supports if any additional items need to be mounted. I wired all the electrical from point of use to the main supply junction box (located under the bed in the wheel well on the drivers side with the batteries) However I had a professional RV electrician connect the entire, solar, controller, alternator, invertor, panel, batteries and shunt in place to ensure it was done properly and safely. There is a main electrical shut off switch in the rear for easy access to disconnect everything either for working on it or for longer term storage.

There is enough storage under the bed to hold a, grill, stove, containers for pot and pans, 4 camp chairs, dirty laundry container, camp table (x2), camp shower and other miscellaneous camp items.

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