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, Colorado
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, Colorado
56,000 Miles
Last Modified October 8, 2023

🚐 Explore Freedom in Style! 🚐

Are you ready to embark on your next adventure in the ultimate travel companion? Look no further! We present to you our beloved 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Van, meticulously maintained and primed for the road less traveled.

✨ Exceptional Condition: This van has been pampered and cared for like a member of the family. With all service records in hand and never a major issue, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing that your journey will be smooth and worry-free. Mileage: 56,000

🌄 Versatile Adventurer: This van is as versatile as they come, conquering everything from mountain trails to desert highways. Whether you’re chasing sunsets in the heat or cozying up in the cold, this van has you covered.

🏞️ Off-Road Ready: Equipped with a powerful 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine, 5 speed automatic transmission with selectable gears, very smooth suspention (with great wheel clearance), RWD and like new mud and snow tires, including a full-size spare, and an additional set of studded tires, you can tackle off-road terrain with ease.

🚪 Cosmetic Charm: Don’t be alarmed by the door’s cosmetic damage; it’s purely superficial. The door opens, closes, locks, and seals perfectly, ensuring your safety and security.

☀️ Solar-Powered: Harness the power of the sun with a 325W REC solar panel on top, managed by a Victron smart solar charge controller. Enjoy the freedom to charge your devices and run your appliances while off the grid.

🔋 Energy Independence: A Chins 300Ah lithium iron phosphate house battery, coupled with a 3500W power inverter (with a 7000W surge), ensures you have all the electrical power you need, wherever you roam.

🚰 Home on Wheels: The van boasts a 30-gallon fresh water tank with an on-demand water pump, copper sink, a 3.3 cubic ft fridge/freezer combo, and ample storage space for all your essentials.

✨ Cozy Comforts: A custom-built interior features a fixed full-sized 8-inch memory foam mattress, a beautiful hardwood floor, a 36-inch countertop, and even a custom bookshelf. The van’s interior is as stylish as it is functional.

🌟 Unique Features: Enjoy customizable LED lighting, a spacious garage area, custom-burned redwood siding with a built-in shelf above the bed, and custom-fitted, insulated, magnetic window covers for added privacy.

🌈 Personal Retreat: Front and rear privacy curtains allow you to create your personal oasis, wherever you choose to park.

Don’t miss your chance to own this exceptional 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Van, ready to take you on unforgettable journeys. Pack your bags, hit the open road, and start making memories today!

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