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, Minnesota
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, Minnesota
20,818 Miles
Last Modified March 20, 2024

Our Roadtrek Zion van has comfort, storage and homelike conveniences for traveling on the road. We’ve enjoyed some great trips. However, in the process we have discovered that we like to venture more off the highway and deep into National Forest and BLM land. As great as our Zion is, it wasn’t built for these type of off-road experiences. Thus we are putting up for sale our Zion and exploring other options for what we now want to do. That was not an easy decision with less than 21,000 miles on it and a new set of Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tires with less than 200 miles on them. Following the screen shot is a J.D. Power listing of estimated retail value. We have reduced the price well below market to $79,900.

We have included all the details of what came with the van and what upgrades and improvements we have made. These may be found as photo files within the listing. Also included in photo form is the Experian Auto Check Report on the van. The photos of the inside and outside of the van will hopefully provide you with a very good idea of what to expect regarding the condition of our Zion. To the serious buyer we have a full listing of all maintenance done on the van.

What did we like best about our van? We think one word describes it best; freedom. We started out doing mostly highway miles and camping at established camp grounds. Over the last couple of years though, we have both grown to appreciate getting off the highway, exploring more and boon-docking. The ample water supply, boosted electrical system, plumbing upgrades that enable us to be out in colder weather and added insulation in the sidewalls and doors were key features that enabled this van to bring us to experiences we didn’t have a clue that we were going to get into and enjoy. Still, we want to go deeper into the back country and thus we have to sell our beautiful Zion.

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll gladly share the details with you.

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