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, California
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, California
47,068 Miles
Last Modified July 24, 2023

We are ready to sell our Ram Promaster build, and we think you’ll love it. Van built out in the 2019-2020 year. Everything in build is from these years. There is no backseat in the van and we had a covid baby, so it’s no longer useful for our growing family. There is no work due on the vehicle, just got a clean bill of health at the Ram dealership. Awesome to cook on large countertop with 2 burner propane stove πŸ™‚

Back up camera
Minicell, Thinsulate, XPS (above minicell in the floor), and EZ-cool for thermal bridging insulation.
Maxair fan
Vinyl flooring, ghost wood ceiling, shiplap bedroom, and faux tile kitchen backsplash
Webasto heater, runs off of car’s gas tank
175 watt X 2 (for total of 350 watt) NewPowa Solar panels with 100/30 smartsolar MPPT
60 amp battery to battery charger (charges the house battery quickly when the car is turned on), Samlex 1000 watt inverter, 200 amp hour lithium battery (Battleborn), (= 400 ah AGM battery).
2 Burner propane cooktop.
Heated on demand outdoor shower (mounts to back door).
Driver and passenger swivel seats
Custom headboard in cab
20 gallon clean water tank with pressure accumulator for on demand water without noise overnight
Insulated window covers for all windows (and rare earth magnets to hold them in place)
Ceiling LEDs on a dimmer switch. Cooking lights and cargo lights on push buttons.
2 120 v outlets and 4 USB outlets in the living room
Second owner, clean title.
Full size bed/mattress.

Some scattered chips the paint- repaired but noticeable up close.
Crack and chip in windshield on driver side.
Aftermarket fix to hinges on both doors. Passenger side has original hinge, driver side has accessory support fix. (from it’s previous life as a cargo van!) Took it to ram dealership and body shop and both advised against changing it as it is fully functional.

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