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, Illinois
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, Illinois
71,670 Miles
Last Modified June 28, 2023

This 2018 Ram ProMaster 2500 High Top 159” wheel base is ready for new adventures with someone who will love and treat it well!

It fits in a regular parking spot.

All 4 tires are brand new.

Ready for off grid use with a robust electrical system made with Renogy products and lithium ion phosphate batteries.

This all seasons van life home comes fully equipped with:

-A bed wider than a standard full size bed, and about 5’11” long, can comfortably sleep up to two. Bed turns into a dinette with two couches and a swivel table that can comfortably seat 4, plus two up front in the swivel seats, leaving enough room for a party of 6 to dine in and enjoy each other’s company.

-Interior space that’s 6’3″ tall.

Custom built storage.
-Sixteen drawers with organizers and non-slip mats.
-One overhead cabinet with an incredible amount of easily accessible space, and cubbies for organization, and safety from movement, spills, and breaks on the road.
-One huge under sink cabinet.
-Two easy access shelves.
-One over the cab cubby with an ample amount of room for storage.
-One step with underneath storage.
-Two benches with large storage chests.

-When the back is being used as the bed there’s a huge place for storage underneath. All incredibly important to create an environment that’s easy to live and create a home in.

-A 32 gallon water reservoir, for showers, washing dishes in the sink, and drinking water. Outside, easy access fill valve. The kitchen sink is full size which beats those small RV sinks all day long. Easy for washing up dishes, clothes, and a quick space to store things if you need to hit the road in a hurry. Has a sink strainer/drying rack that’s fit to size, and inserts right into the sink. Built in copper soap dispenser. Under the sink you’ll find a robust water filtration system that feeds the drinking water faucet. The private bathroom comes fully equipped with a rain head shower and is completely wrapped in copper which makes for a beautiful atmosphere wherever you go. Enclosed with a built in, retractable, self cleaning door to allow for private bathroom space, still allowing light through, and keeping the space free from a standard door (which is paramount for an efficient tiny home space). The main sink faucet has a spray and regular flow function, and swivels around to allow for showering outdoors.

-Nature’s head composting toilet is a fully mobile, self contained unit that lives in the private bathroom and can be lifted out to create more space when it’s time to shower. The unit diverts liquids from solids which keep it from becoming sewage, and instead turns it into compost, and is easy to empty. Just lift the seat to pull out the liquids tank for easy empty, and the solid waste bin is recommended to empty and replenish every 3-4 months. The composting material and ventilation keeps the toilet odor free.

-400 Watts of Flexible (shatter proof) High Conversion Efficiency Solar Panels, 12 Volt, Waterproof. Wired into the battery bank with a Solar Charge Converter.

-Large Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Bank with 5 x 100ah 12v LiFePO4 batteries with 100a continuous output each.

-Renogy 3000w Sine Wave Inverter Charger 12V DC to 120V AC Surge 9000w Off-Grid.

-In line breakers for safety.

-Breaker panel wired for AC and DC power. 2 regular power outlets with USB ports. 2 DC power outlets with USB ports, and cigarette lighter port for travel appliances

-Shore Power outside outlet for easy-access plugin for a generator, or to charge the house when you’re on grid.

-Renogy 60A DC to DC Battery Charger wired from the van engine alternator to the back house battery bank to allow excess power from driving to be diverted back to charge the house batteries.

-Max Air Vent Fan, has a setting that allows you to pull or push air through. Wired with DC power. Can set it to turn on and shut off at a certain temperature. Various settings from high to low. Easy to open and close. Built in bug screen. Additional black out and insulation screen.

-One Large tinted window installed into the sliding door for safe driving (no blind spots), and to allow ample light into the living space.

-Two awning style windows in the back for light, privacy and airflow. This style window allows you to open up and create airflow even when it’s raining outside. They’re mounted high above the ground and are smaller windows to create a sense of safety when you’re tucked in for the night. Both come with built in bug screens and black out insulating screens.

-Black out insulating screens for every window to allow for a warm, cozy, private evening, and sleep time.

-Rain gutter to divert rain water away from the main sliding door to allow for an easier, dryer entry.

-Hidden step up to help with side entry.

-Coleman 2 burner propane stove. Easily portable for cooking inside or out.

-One small DC powered mini vacuum.

-On demand water heater (recommended to be on a generator or on grid when in use).

-Large Dometic CFX3 75DZ chest style fridge/freezer with ample amount of space for food on the road. Has two large compartments that can be set to temperature zones, so both can be used for fridge space or freezer space, or one of each. Wired with AC and DC power. AC is the quickest way to bring it to temp when plugged in on grid, and DC power pulls only a small amount of power for when you’re conserving energy on the road.

-Air Conditioning is powered by DC (which, for those of you who are familiar, is a very rare thing), still draws a lot of power and recommended to be on grid or have a generator to run, but incredibly luxurious when in use.

-Diesel Heater wired in with DC power, pulls very little energy to heat up the space in just a few minutes and can keep you warm all day and night in cold and below freezing temps. It runs off diesel with a small canister which lives in the van.

-The entire space is well insulated with a blend of foam and Havelock sheep wool, which is fire retardant, sound proof and incredibly efficient and regulating inside temperatures.

-Both front seats swivel around to face backwards into the home, opening up and integrating the entire space, adding a substantial amount of living room. Both seats face back to countertop extensions that swing up to make table tops for easily accessible work spaces, and additional counter top space for cooking and eating.

-DC powered LED dimmable lights throughout.

-LED color changing under cabinet lighting to create whatever atmosphere you want.

-Vinyl plank faux wood floors that make for a beautiful aesthetic as well as an easy waterproof clean up.

-Large over sink mirror.

-The entire interior is lined with wood to create an organic, peaceful atmosphere, as well as a large copper backsplash to add a sense of restful, calming luxury.

-All weather mat for the front seat area for easy, stress free clean up.

The van specs:

-280.0 hp, 3.6 liter, V6 Cylinder Engine, 6 speed automatic transmission.

-24 gallon Gasoline fuel tank, average 16-18 mpg.

-Front Wheel Drive.

-Rear view camera and screen that acts as the rear view mirror.

-Backup camera.

-Plenty of storage space in the front console and side doors.

-Approximately 72,000 miles

Have lived and loved adventuring in this beauty, while building it into a dream home. Looking for a new van lifer who will appreciate all the love I’ve put into making it cozy, functional, and like home!

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