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St. Louis
, Missouri
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St. Louis
, Missouri
86,000 Miles
Last Modified October 11, 2023


– 86,000 miles
– Clean title in hand
-Willing to deliver
-Maintained regularly Records organized and available
-VIN report and mechanic “all systems check” pre sale assessment report available
-Runs flawlessly

-I built it out in 2019, lived in it full time since then as a traveling nurse. The van has been fully renovated/restored and is like new!
I’ve tested this van in the elements for 5 years and added lots of upgrades. It’s highly functional as well as beautiful. Most vans are built and hit the road without any real world experience and they are lacking in numerous categories. Not this one!

-FULL TIME RIG. 30 gallons of fresh water capacity, full kitchen with 3 burner stove and oven, 65L fridge, compostable toilet to reduce water usage, queen size bed, and a lot of storage throughout the build, including a “garage” under the bed for lots of gear.

-OFFGRID RIG (With 2 people we have gone 2 weeks. We could easily have stretched that further with more water.)
It has a well developed and efficient solar electrical system, has a large 12v fridge, and uses propane for cooking, heat, and hot water. We have never needed to plug into shore power for the 4.5 years we lived in it full time. The upgraded all-terrain tires allowed us to get to places it wouldn’t get otherwise.

-4 SEASONS RIG Maxx air fan coupled with a window in the back provides a good wind tunnel throughout the living space. Designed to work well in winter even in single digits or lower thanks to a propane fueled heater, good insulation, and numerous heating elements. A good rig for chasing snow.

-FULL KITCHEN has an oven and 3 burner stove, deep sink, 4 stage water filtration system with faucet, lots or storage for kitchen essentials, 2000w inverter with 120v outlets for kitchen appliances, BBQ pit propane hookup outside for grilling.

-Would be great for someone that loves to; travel nurse, adventure, work remote, cook, go offgrid, ski or snowboard, and especially someone that loves to open the side door and make nature their backyard.


-BF Goodrich Ko2 All terrain tires 245/75/R16
-Passenger Swivel seat
-Upgraded audio system in cab
-Upgraded 6” speakers
-8” underseat subwoofer with built in amp and control knob near steering wheel
-Tinted door windows
-Mounted car phone holder on dash
-Dual USB fast charger w/ voltmeter attached to starter battery
-Intro-tech custom floor mat
-30 amp Sterling DC to DC charger with easy to access power switch
-Stock floor jack and tire change kit that fits under passenger seat
-Full size spare tire
-Manual larger sized heated side view mirrors
-2 key Fobs

-(2) Renogy RNG-300D solar panels 300 watts each
-30 amp Sterling DC to DC charger
-Victron smart solar 150/70 charge controller
-(2) VMAX Tank XTR8D-350 AGM batteries (700ah total= a lot of power for this rig)
-Aims 2000 watt inverter charger with easy access switch
-30 amp shore power hook up
-Victron BMV-712 battery monitor
-Blue sea DC fuse boxes
-DC breakers used for safety and convenience
-Hidden electrical cabinet with easy access spring loaded latches
-Switchboard under long bench: 8 switches that light up when in use as well as the inverter switch
-(5) 120v AC outlets
-(4) 12v dual USB fast charger outlets
-12v LED puck lighting on dimmer switches
-12v LED strip lights in garage on dimmer switch
-12v Dometic CFX-65 refrigerator
-12v Shurflo water pump
-12v Maxxair fan 7000K with remote
-12v Computer fan on Nature’s Head toilet
-12v Weboost cell phone booster
-(4) 12v heating elements for gray water system under van for below freezing temperatures

PLUMBING (all is inside van temperature controlled (to avoid freezing) except gray water system which has thermostat heaters on switches for when needed)
-Nature’s Head compostable toilet (new) on 500 lb drawer slides
-30 gallon fresh water tank
-20 gallon gray water tank
-Valterra EZ electric 3” waste valve with switch
-City and gravity water fill with lock
-Shurflo 4008-101-E65 3.0 12v water pump
-Shurflo strainer
-Shurflo accumulator
-Pex pipes
-Numerous shutoff valves and drains for safety and maintenance
-Dura shower box with lock
-10 foot stainless steel shower hose with on/off valve (to help conserve water)
-High Sierra 1.5gal showerhead
-6 gallon propane water heater Suburban SW6DEL
-Stainless steel deep sink 15”x17” (new)
-Stainless steel faucet with pulldown sprayer, stream or shower setting with pause button to conserve water (new)
-Ispring CU-A4 under sink 4 stage water filter system with faucet (new filters)
-2 water leak detectors (1 under sink, 1 under water pump)

PROPANE SYSTEM (fuels the heater, hot water heater, oven and 3 burner stove. A remote fill was built in for easy re-fueling. Very safe and cheap as well.
-Flameking 12.2 gallon horizontally mounted tank (this lasts us around 3 months in summer and 1 week-1 month in winter pending on temperatures. On average it cost around $30 to fill.)
-Nashfuel remote fill
-Camco 4 port Tee (for conveniently attaching a BBQ grill (we use it all the time) and/or attaching a portable tank to the system if the big tank runs out. So, great for emergencies. I’ve never needed to use it)
-2 stage propane regulator
-Propane detector
-6 gallon propane water heater Suburban SW6DEL
-18,000 BTU Suburban furnace NT-20SEQ (designed for way bigger rigs. We easily keep thermostat at 68 degrees in winter and still get 1 week to 1 month out of our large propane tank under the van
-Suburban 3504a 17” oven and 3 burner stove (new)
-Honeywell digital thermostat for furnace (use just like a house, programmable too)

-Air Lift Liftloader 5000 air suspension kit with WirelessOne compressor system (made it a way smoother ride and can give a 3” variance for leveling the van)
-C.R Laurence FW395R T-vent slider door window with screen
-C.R Laurence VW1033R window with screen
-Luxury vinyl flooring (new)
-Noico sound deadener
-Polyiso board and rockwool insulation
-Reflectix vapor barrier
-3/4 inch cedar tongue and groove walls/ceiling
-3/4 inch plywood with pocket holes for the majority of the build (a very strong build)
-Shaker style cabinet faces are made with poplar
-All carpentry of build is custom built
-Behr Marquee paint
-6 inch queen memory foam bed (new with new pillows and bedding)
-Custom seat cushions for benches
-3 foot pull out butcher block table on 500 lb drawer slides
-have Seating for 3 at the table
-Laundry door or access to garage from inside van
-Lots and lots of storage
-Fire detector, carbon monoxide detector, propane detector
-5 lb Fire extinguisher ABC
-Custom made blackout and thermal curtain system with snaps used as partition
-Vanmade Gear ™ rear window cover
-1 inch thick custom insulative maxxair fan cover
-Accessory light on rear of van for shower etc. with switch
-Hooks on rear doors for shoe organizer for additional storage and organization
-Mounted hanging hooks in the garage for water hose and extension cord storage
-Kitchen counter butcher block leaf with collapsable bracket
-Hanging closet with tall mirror
-Cat or little doggie door on large drawer (if this is a deal breaker let me know and maybe we can fix it)
-Mounted bottle opener
-Mounted basket with Pothos Plant (her name is Fiona)
-Wall mounted picture frames (command strips used)
-Hidden bracket behind removable picture frame for pocket projector for movie nights etc. (very easy to use)
-Projector screen (hooks mounted with command strips)
-Apeman Mini Pocket Projector M4S (with custom wall mount)
-Mounted key holder (command strips used)

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