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, California
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, California
45,000 Miles
Last Modified June 18, 2024

This has been my adventure vehicle and I have loved it for the last few years.
I am moving to Hawaii and have to find the van a new home.

The van was purchased with a salvage title when I bought it in 2020, but I had a mechanic check it before the purchase. It had 17,000 miles on it and I put in a new transmission in January 2021. It runs great and only has 45,000 miles on it.

– 3 solar panels and an inverter.
– high quality marine fridge with a small freezer compartment.
– dimming lights and 2 fans.
– queen-sized purple mattress.
– compostable toilet that is easily kept in the van or removed when not needed.
– 55-gallon water tank, water pump, and shower hose in the back of the van (needs easy mechanical work).
– designed to hold multiple 10ft surfboards – the cargo compartment runs from the back to under the bench.
– $1200 insulated & magnetic black-out window covers to soften noise and stealth camp; keeps van well insulated for cooler summers and warmer winters.

I have used the van as a surf vehicle for summers and a snowboarding vehicle in Mammoth for the winter. There is a portable diesel heater that you can use for winter and take out in the summer.

I use Sprinter Pitstop in San Diego for electrical work or any other repairs. The parts to repair the shower line are currently on order with them and it is an easy fix once they arrive.

The side sliding door is not working right now, but we have the parts to fix it. The slider door requires a woodworker to cut through the cabinet near the stove, but the woodworker I use is busy building out a van right now. It’s another simple fix and I would like to allow the buyer to decide how they want this fixed and if they want to keep the cabinet.

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