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, Missouri
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, Missouri
44,000 Miles
Last Modified June 19, 2024

Meet Vanly, a one-of-a-kind campervan perfect for full-time van life! A 2019 Hymer Aktiv Loft with numerous mods and updates to make life on the road even better!

The van itself: A 20′ Ram Promaster that can fit into a standard parking spot. It’s got all-terrain tires from Les Schwab, a heavy-duty brush guard, and hydraulic lifts to even out and stabilize the van when camping off-road. Spare tire on a heavy-duty swing-out mount in back. The undercarriage is lifted about 5″ compared to the standard Promaster, making it much easier to maneuver on gravel and dirt roads. Vanly runs on standard gasoline. She carries 25 gallons of fresh water, 21 gallons of grey water, and five gallons of propane, with monitors for all of the above. Five gallon cassette toilet with a monitor for that as well. She is dual-wired for both lithium and AGM house batteries, and though her lithium batteries need to be rebalanced the AGM is brand new. Underhood generator with monitoring system to automatically kick on and recharge the house batteries when needed, using the van engine. (This feature is so amazing that you only ever really need to plug into shore power if you’re planning on using the A/C for an extended period of time.) Brand new inverter to power everything in the living quarters, plus a second inverter solely devoted to the custom A/C system – something that’s almost unheard of in a 20′ loft model like this one. Truma Combi for heating and hot water, which can be run off propane or electric. The maxair fan runs even without the inverter on. Vanly seats four, sleeps four. Interior height is about 6’3″. Pop top, retractable awning, and skylight. Updated Kenwood stereo system with surround sound speakers all over the van, even back in the bedroom. Dashtopper, seat covers, tinted windows, and custom privacy window covers for the entire front of the van.

Living/dining room: The two captains chairs up front rotate around to create a cozy family space with seating for four. There’s a Lagun swiveling foldable table with many configurations ranging from arm rest to full kitchen table. It’s also got a cute little spot for a decor item to sit while you travel. There’s a smart TV with all the latest apps – it swivels so you can see it from the captains chairs or from the kitchen. Two huge tilt-out windows on either side of the main living space allow tons of fresh air, and there’s a skylight above which adds height and an airy feeling, as well as more fresh air when desired. The skylight includes a bug screen, the windows have a bug screen/blackout blind combo, and if you choose to open the side door, there’s a custom high-end bugscreen for that as well, with magnetic closure for when you’re using it as a door.

Kitchen: Fully equipped with fridge, sink, microwave, dual-burner propane stovetop, and *two* pull-out pantries. Sink and stove top come with glass covers to create more counterspace. Three big drawers for all your dishes, pots, and pans, plus a magnetic spice rack, undermount junk drawer, and hanging fruit basket. There’s a water filter already installed, and the sink faucet pulls out to double as an outdoor shower. I’m also including my Omnia camping oven in this sale, because vanlife shouldn’t mean giving up fresh-baked cinammon rolls in the morning. 🙂

Bathroom: Walk-in wet bath, meaning the whole thing turns into a shower when needed. There’s a shower curtain tucked away to keep everything dry. Fold-out sink, mirrored medicine cabinet with storage, and floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall. The toilet rotates to create extra room, and is a cassette toilet – dump at an RV dump station or at any standard bathroom along your journey. Hot water in the shower, and when at a campground you can hook up to city water to take a longer shower if you so choose. There’s a toilet paper holder on the wall, and the door is retractable, floor to ceiling for privacy.

Bedroom: Custom fit queen-size Purple mattress. Two foldout windows on either side for cross-ventilation at night, as well as a maxair fan above the bed. Fold-out windows can be fully open, screened in, or blackout curtains; back van windows have blackout screens as well for total privacy when desired. There’s strip lighting installed below both sets of cabinets, and remotes for pretty much everything right by the head of the bed, all within easy reach. The living room TV also rotates on its stand so you can have a movie night in bed. And of course the very best is relaxing on the bed with the back doors of the van open – the back is fitted with a custom bug screen so you can have as much or as little of the great outdoors in the van as you want.

Pop Top: Ladder to access to pop top is stored inside the pop top itself. It’s in two parts and hooks securely to the wall when assembled, so that climbing in and out is as safe and easy as possible. There’s a very long built-in mattress up here with elevated smart coils under the bed for a very comfortable sleeping experience. Enough room to store the bedding on the bed. Windows on each side plus one more to the front of the van, and the skylight above. This is an amazing place to sleep if you want to feel close to nature or stargaze at night.

Storage: Four big cabinets above the bed, numerous drawers and cabinets under the bed (as well as the huge space under the bed itself), two pull-out pantries, two glove boxes, secret compartment under the bed, shoe storage beneath the main living space, three big drawers in the kitchen, two cabinets in the main living space, lots of storage above the driving compartment, and room to modify the van to create even more storage space.

Lastly, though Hymer itself is out of business here in the US, we Hymerheads have an extremely active Facebook group where we share mods and help each other find parts, answer questions, etc. There’s also meet up groups a few times a year to build that community.

I really hate to give up Vanly, but my family is growing and “seats four, sleeps four” is no longer big enough to accommodate my crew of adventurers. I hope Vanly’s next owner will love her just as much as I have. 🙂

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