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Los Angeles
, California
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Los Angeles
, California
71,000 Miles
Last Modified February 16, 2024

If you’re looking to explore the US, without having to sacrifice the comforts of home, this van is for you!

*Financing & Delivery available*

Located in Pasadena, California

This van can also be used as a business investment and be rented out! It has made us between $3,000-$6,000 a month year ’round and I can share with you all the details about how that works and give you the user manual to go with it!

✓ You’ll get to adventure completely off grid without having to rely on public facilities as this van has:

– A Full Size HOT shower (with retractable door)

– Dry Flush Toilet (no gross tanks to worry about & toilet comes out to shower)

– Propane Cooktop

– Comfortable Queen Size Bed

✓ You’ll stay entertained with:

– Movie Nights or Binge Watching Your Shows on the 52” Projector

– Sectional Seating to enjoy that Instagram-worthy view out of the back while you eat, drink and play games

✓ This van isn’t just functional, it’s also beautifully designed with one of a kind details for a boutique hotel experience with:

– Cane Webbing Geometric Cabinets

– Statement Shower Tile

– Textured Roman Clay Walls

– Detailed Slatted Wood Trim & Shelving

– Sliding Patterned Blackout Curtains

✓ There’s plenty of space to hang out and socialize as the:

– Queen Size Bed converts into a spacious seating area

– Front Passenger Seat swivels around to the back to open up even more space to sit and hang out as well!

And with so much livable space, this van might seem like it could be intimidating to drive, but it’s actually extremely beginner-friendly and easily fits in a normal parking spot!

This van also has:

✓ An Electricity-Saving Heat Exchange Water Heater using van engine to heat

✓ DC to DC Charger so you don’t have to rely solely on Solar Power & can charge the batteries much quicker

✓ 12V Top Loading Fridge

✓ Dometic Built-In Propane Gas Stovetop

✓ Lagun Swivel Table Mount

✓ Portable Laveo Dry Flush Toilet (Chemical free)

✓ 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank (Located inside to avoid freezing)

✓ Automatic-Empty Gray Water Tank Switch

✓ Deep Storage Benches

✓ Upper Storage Cabinets

✓ Projector & Magnetic Mount

✓ Insulated window covers for the entire cab, sliding door and back windows

✓ A powerful 4-vent fan over the bed and seating area

✓ Renogy Solar Charge Controller (App and Bluetooth)

✓ Victron Battery Monitor (App and Bluetooth)

✓ Dimmable Ceiling, Shower & Reading Lights

Let me know if you have any questions!

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