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We made a LOT of upgrades. The Lithium upgrade means we can run the AC and Microwave and Lights, etc. SIMULTANEOUSLY OFF THE GRID.

Since we are OCD on cleanliness, it is immaculately clean. Beds are always protected with impermeable waterproof covers. RV is stored in enclosed garage when not in use. We are non-smokers.

We changed all three sound systems – cab interior, coach interior and exterior sound systems.

The Solar panels that come with a Winnebago are lousy. We replaced them with LG NEON – some of the best on the market.

If you had heard the generator running on this thing, shaking the whole RV, you’d want to rip it out, too. So we did. Instead, we have a propane generator (Honda EU2200i conversion) that is small, lightweight and super-quiet. (~50 Decibels) It fits in the carrying case on the rear hitch rack or can be transported in the interior of the van (propane not gas). It easily runs the AC and can attach to the propane tank of the van or an external tank.

The Easy Start on the AC is a nice addition – can run AC on the small portable generator as a result. Also, if you are connected to 15 amp shore power it is much less likely to trip a breaker.

Another nice addition that seems small until you have to deal with the original is the replacement shower drain. Big pain if you don’t change that thing out.

Also, the cheaper hitch Winnebago had on it had a low capacity and tongue weight. Our replacement is much more robust.

We put in Sumo springs in front and rear.

See the mod list below for more info on what we did.

Dealer-installed upgrades

1) Dual pane acrylic windows
2) Heated drainage system (these are pads that are attached to tanks, etc. that keep them from freezing)
3) Ladder and luggage rack on roof (We especially wanted rack above so that would be used to attach solar panels instead of having them drill them into the roof)
4) Deluxe power roof vent
5) Rear screen door
6) Three cab window blinds
7) Lighted running board lights

Owner-installed upgrades:

1) Added Insulation cab and rear doors
2) Installed Sumo springs front and rear
3) Installed Easy Start on Airconditioner (low energy draw on startup/cycling and quieter cycling)
4) Removed loud, obnoxious gas generator that vibrated the whole coach
5) Installed Sportrack storage container on roof, moved solar panels to accommodate
6) Installed Super-Slider Super Tube (https://www.dwincorp.com) under coach for sewer hose
7) Added Rear carrier rack and carrier case
8) Added custom (VanMadeGear.com) magnetic shades for windows and maxifan
9) Added removable shelving in pantry/wardrobe area
10) Installed Viper 2-way alarm integrated
12) Installed High quality marine exterior speakers (resealed bad seals of originals)
13) Installed New speakers for coach sound system
14) Installed New amplifier and speakers for cab stereo
15) Replaced 3000-lb curt hitch with 5000-lb hitch, reinforced
16) Installed paper towel holder
17) Installed towel rack in bathroom
18) Installed soap holder and hooks in bathroom
19) Installed hooks in various locations in coach
20) Installed hooks in rear closet
21) Installed wall alarm clock/thermometer (backlit) in rear bed area
22) Added refrigerator fan
23) Added refrigerator and freezer temperature alarms
24) Installed custom seat covers (neoprene) in cab
25) Added silverware holder (fitted to kitchen drawer)
26) Installed knife holder under-sink cabinet door
27) Added bike rack to rear ladder (customized brackets to fit)
28) Installed locking mechanism for ladder
29) Added custom magnetic insulation cover for ceiling fan
30) Changed Deep cell AGM Group 31 lead acid batteries for 340 Amp Hours of Lithium
31) Changed to integrated Victron high-end Inverter/Charger – controlled by Smart phone app
32) Changed out original Solar Panels (12-13%) for higher capacity, high efficiency (23%) LG Neon (Smart phone enabled)
33) Changed out Solar Charge Controller for Victron high efficiency MPPT
34) Added Victron Orion DC-DC charger (alternator protection)
35) Added Victron Smart Battery Monitor
36) Replaced original, badly designed shower drain cover/filter with 3D printed replacement (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KRXRGGV)
37) Memory foam available for the beds.

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