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, Washington
Van Programmer 2
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, Washington
43,000 Miles
Last Modified February 4, 2022


This is a remote work focused conversion completed during the early summer of 2021. I put a total of 13k miles on the vehicle doing full-time van-life while working remotely and looking to retire out of the lifestyle!

The van was built for full-time remote travel with a large battery bank (8.8 kwh of capacity) and the capability to charge from EV chargers. Duo laptop mounts and a desktop computer mount allow for workstation setups within the van. The mounts can be removed for additional space (skis, etc).

For sleeping, a café style design allows for conversions between a bed setup and a seating setup. Detachable swivels allow for table usage both inside the van and outside the van.

There is full insulation for the winters up to 20 F, layers of soundproofing, and solid wooden panels. Lights also cover both the top and sides of the van. Full plumbing and a 20 L water tank is included.

Will deliver anywhere in the US.


Ford Transit 250 148WB

Maxxair MaxxFan Ventillation Fan with Remote Control

Growatt Solar Inverter system

30 Gallon Fresh water tank

Hot water heater and shower system

Detachable Water faucet

Electric Stovetop

Backup Generator

2x 24V LiFePo4 big battery 4.3 kWh

400 W Solar Panels with 80/20 holding frame

Growatt Bluetooth power monitoring

6 AC Charging Outlets

Roof, Bed, and Counter lights

Dimmer Lights

Kitchen Swivel and Memory Foam Mattress as cushions

Convertible Shower System with drain and gray water system

Desktop mounts and PC mounts

240 to 120 V charge converter

Microwave, Minifridge, and multiple closet shelving

Front-facing camera with micro SD

Rattletrap sound deadener

Thinsulate cover all the inner walls

3/4 x 4 x 8 ft plywood form the base of the walls

Fridge, Cabinet locks, and convertible swivel seating/bedframe

Full Inverter sensoring and power monitoring

Number: 7347306569

Email: [email protected]


Jason Bian

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