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, New York

, New York
44,250 Miles

Ready for it’s next adventure! 2019 Ford Transit High Roof, Extended, Camper Van. The empty van was purchased with 27,000 miles on odometer and in good condition. Converted to a camper van in 2020. Current mileage is 44,250 miles. Van is in great working condition and has been well maintained.

Length 266.1 ”
Body width 81.3 ”
Body height 109.4 ”
Wheelbase 147.6”

* Rear storage area is 4’L x 3’8″W x 2’10” H. There is a door that opens up into the back end from the hallway to allow for any long objects to travel or access to the back from the inside of the van.
* Fully insulated on floor, walls, and ceiling.
* Sound butyl deadening material throughout van.
* Custom wood cabinets
* Custom sealed wood counter tops 1.5” thick.
* Sealed wood floor throughout the van.
* Slide window installed above bed with screen.
* Fantastic Vent Fan, 3 speed, Intake and Exhaust, Manual (above bed).
* Fantastic Vent Fan with Thermostat, 3 speed, Intake and Exhaust, Manual and Automatic (hallway).
* Rollable screens on cabin doors.
* Wet bath with toilet and shower.
* Bed is 5’10” long, 4’ Wide, 6” Memory Foam Mattress.
* Sleep’s 2 adults and can sleep 2 children, Kids sleeping spots are a 5’ Platform for bed in the cab of the van and a drop down 5′ bed in the back (pic shown).
* Rooftop decking with ladder to access solar panels and roof.

Power System
* Fully off grid system.
* Three 100 watt 12 volt mono crystalline solar panels
* Two 12V 100 Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
* 12V 60A DC to DC Battery Charger (Charge controller)
* 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
* Renogy ONE Core (Van leveling tool, system monitoring)
* Off-Grid Energy Monitoring Panel with RV Level monitoring, Battery Monitoring
* Battery charging is also supported from the van’s alternator if needed!
* Can easily add another battery, to increase power storage.

* Car Play, Apple and Android compatible, Bluetooth
* Renogy ONE Core (Van leveling tool, system monitoring)
* USB ports, cigarette outlets, and AC household outlets throughout the van

* 3.1 cu fridge, 1 cu freezer
* Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filtration System
* Hot Water Tank included, (Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater) Not hooked up currently but plumbing is installed.
* Propane Stove Top – 2 Burners

* Wet bath with toilet and shower.
* Outdoor shower off the back of the van.
* Full access to cabin from the cab of the van (great for being stealth).
* Outside spot lights and ambiance camping lights

* 30 Gallon fresh water tank
* 12V Electric water pump
* Water filtration system
* Hot water tank included
* Removable gray water tanks
* Large under mounted sink with full faucet and separate drinking faucet for filtration system.

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