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, Georgia
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, Georgia
12,900 Miles
Last Modified April 1, 2024

Kitchen / Cooking
– Induction Stove (2 Burner)
– Refrigerator
– Nespresso (optional)
– Microwave (optional)
– Sink
– Water Pump
– 13 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
– 18 Gallon Grey Water Tank
– Fresh Water Discharge
– Grey Water Discharge
– Rear Fill Port

Cabin Comfort
– AC Unit (11,000 BTU)
– Maxxair Fan
– Interior Wall Mount Fan
– Heater (7,000 BTU)
– Digital Heater Thermostat
– Nature’s Head Composting Toilet (optional)

Cabin Power / Accessories
– 4 USB Outlets (2 Above Bed / 2 in Kitchen)
– 4 AC Outlets Lighting
– Interior Cabin Lights
– Interior Floor Lights
– Interior Bed Reading Lamps
– Interior Control Panel Illumination
– Exterior Side Door Flood LED
– Exterior Rear Door Flood LED I

Integrated Charging Sources
– Van Alternator
– Solar Panel
– Shore (Exterior) 20A, 30A or 50A input Power
– Solar Panel
– 300 AH Lithium Battery Bank
– Magnum Hybrid MSH3000

– Interior Control Panel
– Inverter Charger Control Station
– Inverter, Shore and Alternator Breaker
– Main UPS Disconnect
– 120V Fuse Housing Details

The Power System is designed to be self-sufficient off grid. The heart of the system is the state of art lithium-Ion 10-year batteries and a unique smart hybrid inverter. The smart hybrid inverter creates 120VAC power for the 2burner induction stove, the microwave, the roof mounted air conditioner, and wall mounted AC plugs that can power a coffee maker, laptop charger or other appliances. This smart hybrid inverter solves a very common problem of overloading the shore power connection and tripping the breaker when trying to run multiple AC appliances at the same time such as the air conditioner and microwave. This special inverter feature will limit the shore power to the desired level and provide the remaining needed power from the batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are automatically charged from three sources: – Roof mounted solar panels – Van alternator when the van motor is running – Shore power to always ensure maximum battery charge. No manual switching of charge source is required. A phone app is provided to easily monitor the status of the batteries and system power usage. 12volts from the lithium-ion batteries are used to power the indoor, garage, and outdoor LED lighting that provide clear visibility for all areas of the van at the lowest possible power consumption. In addition, LED reading lights, USB charge ports, and fan controls are located over the bed for easy access. A 12v variable speed roof mounted vent fan assists with humidity and temperature control. The batteries power a specially designed high efficiency refrigerator. This large capacity refrigerator accommodates more space while using lower power than other refrigerators. Water for the oversized sink is provided from an on board 12v pump and a freshwater tank. Dirty water is returned to a grey water tank and each tank has a remote gauge for level indication. Outdoor connections are provided for filling and draining the tanks. During cold weather a specialized heater that draws from the van gas tank ensures a warm comfy space and is equipped with a remote thermostat for easy temperature control. This requires no propane making a safer and more reliable camping experience.

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