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, New Jersey
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, New Jersey
58,000 Miles
Last Modified April 9, 2024

2019 Ford Transit 350 XLT Van, Medium Roof
Motivated seller. Not entertaining lowballs.

Top of the line 350 XLT, very low miles, runs great!
I purchased this van in Feb, 2021 with 28,000 miles on it.
The interior conversion was completed in 1 year on Feb, 2022.

Lightly driven.
I took 1 road trip from NJ to FL, the rest of the driving was done locally.
Put on 10,000 miles per year.

Drives great, oil changed on time, fluids always topped off, tires recently rotated.
I recently brought the van to the shop to keep for selling and got a clean bill of health on everything.

630w of solar available on the roof (420w currently being used). Recently upgraded shunt, BMV, battery wires, inverter firmware.

The 400ah battery doesn’t take up much space and gives a long charge. Plenty of space to add a second battery if needed.

Shore Power outlet included for external charging while camping. I will throw in the shore power charging cable.

Lots of cabinet space overhead. Cubby above bed. Lots of space under bed (garage). Extra storage space inside the bed.

(Reach out for more pictures, specs, spreadsheet of materials, etc. I kept great records and recorded everything.)

More features:
Pull out spice rack for cooking needs.
Magnetic mini herbal apothecary in office area.
Lights strung in 4 zones and on dimmers, great for letting someone sleep while you’re still cooking or working.
2 fans installed for best airflow.

I am selling because I’m getting into my late 30s and my health needs and career needs require me to have more space and structure. I have put tons of love and hard work into creating a cozy home for myself and would love this van to go to the right person who wants to experience some fun adventures and will appreciate this van as much as I have.

Build Features:

Organic Havloc Sheep Wool Insulation
Rated R13
Inside the van side cavities, across the entire floor, and the entire ceiling.
No wool in back doors.

Killmat Sound Deadening
Stuck sound deadening killmat everywhere, walls, ceiling, wheel well, etc.
Decreases sound when driving.

Radiant Heated Flooring
Runs down the middle of the van where you walk.
Never used because I conserve electricity, but it is installed and working.
Great for van life with a cat.

DC Puck Lights
4 zones of lights, all on dimmers.
6 lights in hallway
2 lights above bed
2 lights above kitchen
2 lights in office
DC puck lights used an extremely low amount of electricity. I have been able to run all my lights all night despite having low battery warnings.

AC Outlets
2 strings of AC outlets.
1st string has 1 bed outlet and 2 outlets in the office space.
2nd string has 1 outlet by the sliding door and 1 under the sink.
All outlets GFCI protected.

AC Induction Cooktop
Works well, recently dropped a mug on it and cracked the glass by mistake, will need to be replaced eventually. ($180 on Amazon)
Must use cast iron or stainless steel on an induction cooktop.

MaxAir Fan Deluxe and MaxxAir Exhaust Dome
MaxxAir fan can bring air in or exhaust air out.
2nd Dome fan is exhaust only.
Easy to get circulation with 2 fans, or just run 1 with a window cracked.
*Make sure to use when cooking so condensation doesn’t accumulate and short the Solar Shunt Chip, your breathe can also accumulate condensation while you sleep so it’s always good to ventilate.

21 gal water tank under bed.
Shurflo 12v water pump, accumulator tank, silencer kit, and filter installed next to the water tank. 5 gal grey water tank under the sink. Used rubber hoses and PEX.
Water pump is on a toggle switch under bed.

Fits a twin size mattress.
I found a 6in memory foam mattress from Walmart that works well on the wooden bed frame.
Holes cut in wood under mattress for airflow, never had mold or moisture buildup under the mattress in 3 winters.
2 lift up storage areas inside bed.
2 smaller lift up access points on both sides of bed to access solar easily.


210w 12v Monocrystalline Solar Panels by NewPowa
3 panels are on the roof for 630w of solar total, 2 are currently being used..

Sokerdy 400ah LifePO4 Lithium Ion Battery
25.6v, 1177wh, 50amp BMS
5 year warranty, purchased 12/19/2022.
New 4/0 AWG gauge wires added, they are 7 feet long so you can relocate the battery to anywhere under the bed, cut them shorter, or use excess wire to add a second battery.

MPPT Charge Controller 100/30
Currently hooked up to 2 solar panels, upgrade to MPPT 100/50 for $185 and you can add the 3rd panel.
The panels are strung together ”in parallel”, not ”in series”, so the charge controller needs to be able to handle more amps. If you switch to “in series” you don’t need to upgrade anything because you add the panel’s volts together instead of amps.
Connected with 3-to-1 MC4 connectors, add 3rd panel with 2 clicks, or switch to “in series” by taking MC4 connector out.
Bluetooth, monitor with app.

Victron Inverted Charger 3000w 12v
Diagnostic recently ran at Tekris Power Electronics in Point Pleasant, NJ (certified Victron dealer and repair site), no issues, everything perfect, upgraded firmware.
Under a 5 year warranty – purchased 4/21/2021, warranty good until 4/21/2026.
Bluetooth, monitor with app.

Isolated DC to DC Isolated Charger
Allows the van’s alternator to charge the solar battery (currently not hooked up).
Wires are ran and ready, just need to hook up pos/neg wires to the starter battery located under the driver seat.

Victron BMV Monitor
Brand new, replaced old one on 2/23/2024.
Bluetooth, monitor with app.

Victron Smart Shunt
Brand new, replaced the computer chip on the shunt on 2/23/2024.
If you are cooking pasta or anything that creates a lot of steam make sure to ventilate the van. Condensation will accumulate on the chip and cause a short! This is why I had to purchase a new one.

Victron Lynx Distributor
Fuses all working well.

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