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Las Vegas
, Nevada
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Las Vegas
, Nevada
42,000 Miles
Last Modified June 19, 2024

It is with great sadness that we (Mack & Aimee) are listing our sincerely loved, fully-converted Ford Transit 250 Extended van.

We have just completed a 10-month lap around the US & Canada and with our next move on the horizon, we must depart ways with our beloved home on wheels.

We purchased the van last year with most of the structural work already complete but we spent a couple of months upgrading and installing additional gear and appliances before departing on the journey. The original builder was a commercial electrician and Mack has done a number of off-road builds prior to working on this van.

Almost all of the bolt-on gear and additional included items have been purchased in the last 6-12 months (fridge, heater, WeBoost, roof vent fan.etc) and are in perfect condition (most still with warranties)

We have a timeframe of which we would like the van sold so we will not be holding the van for anyone, it will be sold on a first-come-first serve basis.
Serious enquirers only. Tire kickers will be ignored.

**Itemised list below***

We spent 8-months looking for this exact vehicle and layout. Here’s a few reasons we love it:
– The vehicle has zero rust, leaks or mechanical issues. We have maintained the full service schedule and have experienced zero mechanical issues during our ownership. Being a US made vehicle means servicing is inexpensive and parts are always available – essential if living/working on the road. The full vehicle history is available for download on CarFax.
– The petrol engine is incredibly reliable, quiet, smooth and doesn’t have any of the issues synonymous with diesels (no catastrophic engine failure with bad fuel/clogged injectors, no issues with clogged DPF, manifolds or need to regularly replace DEF fluid, no need to warm it up before driving and deal with the soot/engine noise.etc
– There is a 360-degree view from the windows. The main kitchen window swings up to provide a mini awning during heavy rain & snow to shed water and provide large airflow. The removable bug screen is also handy to pass items through the window without opening the sliding door
– The bed runs front-to-back to ensure equal access for 2 people in and out of bed (no crawling over the other person). Each side has their own identical reading light & USB port, shelf, window, cupboard and basket for personal storage and configuration
– 400W of solar with a DC-DC charger means seemingly infinite power (we have never fully drained the batteries and power is never on our minds)
– The combination of the 4-season magnetic window covers and a fully-insulated van means there is usually a 50 degree difference between the inside and out on cooler nights (without a heat source)
– The instant hot water system is plumbed into the sink providing 3 shower options. 1: Directly off the back where the unit is mounted, 2: Outside the main sliding door using the pull-down kitchen sprayer or 3: Internally using the sprayer with the internal shower pan. Each connection uses a standard shower hose and has 2 extension lengths for even more configurations. We include a pop-up shower tent for showering externally and a collapsible shower curtain for the internal shower pan.
– Not having a dedicated full-height shower stall provides far greater internal space and means 2 people can move about with significantly more freedom and ease – great for maintaining a healthy relationship on the road 😉 (we have also built a removable telescopic pee pipe that slots into the shower drain for super-easy number 1s in the night)
– We consider the BFGoodrich K02 tires the best 4-season (snowflake stamp) all-terrain tire on the market. Granting alpine access in the winter and amazing on and off-road traction (essential for public lands/BLM camping)
– The combination of all-terrain tires, a 20,000LB winch, 4x recovery boards and recovery straps mean you can get yourself out of almost any trouble and access roads and campsites most RVs can’t.
– The 22-23ft length (depending on hitch rack/fuel cans.etc) means you can park in most standard parking lots with a slight overhang. If parking with the front hanging over a gutter it will fit perfectly and if hanging the rear over it will tuck well within the standard length. No need to walk your groceries to the far back corner of the parking lot!
– 22ft is also the maximum limit for vehicles in many National Park roads. We have explored over 20 National Parks and have never missed out on accessing any areas of National or State parks.
– Finally, Mack is 6’2” (on a good day) and his head does not touch the lowest points in the ceiling (AC unit & smoke alarm) so there is plenty of headroom for most people.

Here is a basic walk around tour for those interested:

We have done our best to provide a detailed list of the key items. There are plenty of minor additions we haven’t bothered to note but if you have any questions or require additional photos, please don’t hesitate to ask.

– 2019 Ford Transit T250 High Roof Extended
– 42,000 Miles
– 3.7L V6 RWD
– Freshly serviced in the last 50 miles
– Vehicle is owned outright with no leins.etc

– BFGoodrich K02 All Terrain 4 Season Tires
– AirLift Load Lifter 5000 Adjustable Rear Airbag Suspension
– Van Compass Front Winch Mount with Recovery Points
– Warn VR EVO 20,000LB Winch with Upgraded 100ft Synthetic Rope
– Front and Rear Hitch Receivers
– 420W 20” LED Light Bar with 6 Modes, White & Amber Lights (Spot & Flood)
– Upgraded LED Headlight Bulbs (Brightest Legal)
– 4 x Exterior Side Lights
– iBoard Driver & Passenger Side Steps
– Driver & Passenger Swivel Seats
– Lagun Table
– Driver & Passenger Weather Shields
– Stainless Steel Rear Ladder
– 3 x Thule Van Locks For All Doors

– Brand new sofa cushions
– Machine Washable Premium Canvas Seat Covers & Seat Organiser
– SmartLiner Custom Fit Floor Liner
– Tablet Dash Mount for Navigation/Offline Maps (Gaia/OnX Offroad.etc)
– Belkin MagSafe Wireless Charging Phone Dock
– SanDisk High Endurance 128GB SD Card
– ThermoPro Digital Bluetooth Ambient Thermometer/Hygrometer

– 2 x 100AH Battle Born Lithium Batteries
– 4 x 100W Renogy Solar Panels
– Renogy 20A DC-DC Charger
– Renogy Rover 40A MMPT Solar Charge Controller
– Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Module
– PowerMax AC-DC 3-Stage 100A Shore Power Converter & Charger
– Krieger 2000W Power Inverter

– 2 x 10gal Fresh Water Tanks with Exterior Fill Port
– 2 x 5gal Grey Water Tanks
– SeaFlo 11.3LPM Water Pump
– Excel Tankless Propane Instant Hot Water System
– Waterdrop Undersink Water Filtration System
– Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer
– Internal Hidden Shower Pan with Collapsible Shower Curtain

– Dometic CFX3 95DZ 12v Dual Compartment Fridge & Freezer Combo
– Dometic B57915 Roof Mounted AC Air-conditioning Unit
– WeBoost Drive Reach RV Cellphone Signal Booster with 12v Adapter Kit
– RV Roof Vent Fan 6-Speed with Remote Control/Rain Sensor/Temperature Activation.etc
– Wall Mounted 3-Speed RV Fan
– 2KW Diesel/Kerosene Heater with Remote Control/Bluetooth/Automatic Altitude Adjustment.etc
– 12v Wall-Mounted RV TV kit with External Antenna (3 connection ports on exterior of van)

– 2 x Kiddie Carbon Monoxide Alarms
– 1 x First Alert Smoke Alarm
– 1 x Large 9lb First Alert Fire Extinguisher
– 3 x 20oz 6-In-1 Fire Extinguishers
– 1 x Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball (mounted in electrical cavity)
– 3 x DOT Approved Emergency Road Safety Triangle kit
– XL Fix-A-Flat Emergency Flat Tire Repair & Inflator
– Wall Mounted ViperTek Stun Gun & Frontiersman Bear Mace

– 4 x Recovery Traction Boards
– 1 x 30ft 10,000LBS Kinetic/Snatch Recovery Rope
– (Additional synthetic straps/shackles/pulleys.etc available for purchase)

– 8 x Van N Camp 4-Season Magnetic Thermal Insulated Window Covers
– Driver & Passenger Removable Window Vents
– MoonShade Portable Awning
– Swing-Away Hitch Rack for Bikes/Spare Tires.etc
– Zimmer Casette Toilet
– Camco 10gal Bucket Toilet System with WAG Bags
– 20LB Propane tank with 3x 1LB Flame King Refillable Propane Bottles
– Coleman 20,000 BTU Dual Burner Propane Stove
– Gas One 8,500 BTU Dual Fuel Butane & Propane Single Burner Stove
– 2 x 5.3gal Collapsible Water Storage Cubes
– 2 x 1.3gal Ladder-Mounted Fuel Cans
– Zero-G Potable RV Water Hose + Clear2O 1-Micron Spigot Water Filter
– 30A Shore Power Cable
– 30A to 110v Shore Power Adapter & Extension Cord (connect van to standard outlet)
– 2 x Camco Levelling Blocks
– 2 x Motorola T260 Walkabout Handheld Radios
– Folding Aluminium RV Step Stool
– Portable Pop-Up Shower/Privacy Tent
– Folding Lifetime Camp Table
– Toaster/Pots/Pans/Cutlery/Kitchenware.etc
– Automotive Vacuum
– Additives (fuel stabilizer/potable water treatment.etc)

– Flooring: EVA Foam (waterproof boat decking – feels amazing under foot and incredibly easy to clean)
– Benches: Butchers Block Kitchen Counter (super durable, food safe and any cuts/chips/burns can simply be sanded away)
– Ceiling: Cedar Planks (great insect repellent with aesthetic appeal)
– Insulation: Recycled Denim (chosen for its anti-Itch/hypoallergenic/sound proofing properties)
– Paint: Scuff Defense
– Mattress: Cool Gel Memory Foam

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