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, Arizona
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, Arizona
55,000 Miles
Last Modified March 18, 2024

Self-built campervan perfect for full-time living, not a flip for profit, used and loved and now looking for a new home.
-Low mileage, passenger swivel seat and Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Tires Specifically designed for cargo vans (Ko2’s are not legally rated to be put on cargo vans)
-Full Bathroom with cassette toilet and shower and Neptune retractable shower curtain
-Full-size bed with an additional pull-out couch bed that can sleep children or shorter adults.
-400 Watts of solar, (2) 200 amp-hour Dakota lithium batteries.
-Maxx Air Fan with remote and temperature control over the bed and additional max dome fan in the bathroom for ventilation and airflow.
-25-gallon water fresh water tank, Hot water heater, and 15-gallon gray water tank under the van.

Build Details
-Fully insulated with 3M Insulate on the walls and ceiling, with additional denim insulation in large voids. Floor insulated with ½in foam board.
-Life proof flooring with sides sealed so no leaks can get through to the floor and all spaces filled so no room for condensation.
-All walls are covered with Kilmat sound Deadening
-Fixed bed made of Hardwood Oak for sturdy bed.
-Everything is fixed to the van through rivets and bolts, no self-tapping screws are used in the metal frame of the van.

-(4) 100-watt solar panels on the roof, the roof rack was built with existing bolt holes designed for securing a roof rack, no holes were drilled into the roof of the van.
-400 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline solar panels with a 40A MPPT Rover Controller.
-(2) 200 amp-hour Dakota lithium batteries that run to a 12v breaker and a 2000-watt inverter controlling all electrical in the van.
-Bluetooth and mounted display battery monitoring system.
-Li-BIM lithium-ion battery isolator, allows the car battery to charge the house batteries and vice versa, If the van battery dies you can use this to jump yourself.
-Dimmable overhead lights, (2) touch reading lights, (2) back door flood lights, and one ring light on the bathroom fan.
-(2) 120v outlets GFCI for charging camera equipment or running kitchen appliances.
-All wiring is done with Marine-grade electrical wire designed for a moving vehicle.

-25-gallon fresh water tank with filler filter included
-Fully automatic water pump just switch on, no self pumping
-Deep sink with Moen faucet and filtered drinking water tap
-Electric hot water heater for hot water in sink and shower.
-The shower has a detachable head and a large shower pan for plenty of room.
-Cassette toilet with flush
-Gray water tank under the shower for campgrounds that require self-contained water systems.

-Weboost Drive Reach RV, This thing is great, you can get strong cell service just about anywhere, even in campgrounds that have poor service.
-Storage, a ton of storage space under the bed, above the bed, and in the kitchen cabinets
-Bug nets for both backdoor and side door so you can enjoy the breeze and the outdoors without worrying about bugs getting inside.
-ICECO Fridge is on sliders under the sofa, runs off 12 volts, and uses almost no power to stay cold, the bottom can keep foods frozen if needed.
-The stove top is an induction that is not fixed and runs off of the kitchen 120-volt outlet. The 2000-watt inverter can run most any kitchen appliance.
-Plenty of space to customize anything that you would like, minor cosmetic imperfections but opportunities to add any improvements that you would like.

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