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San Juan Capistrano
, California
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San Juan Capistrano
, California
30,000 Miles
Last Modified March 11, 2024

-Up for sale is our beloved and versatile 2019 Ford Transit passenger van that can comfortably carry up to 15 people and be easily transformed into a camper van. We are outgrowing this van and have decided to purchase something a bit bigger to accommodate our growing family.
-This van has allowed our family of 5 to comfortably embark on many great camping trips.
-The camper conversion kit was professionally built by a reputable camper van conversion company. The conversion is a custom system designed to be lightweight (but strong) and removable for easy conversion from a pure passenger van to a camper, and back again.
-The solid-wood kit includes two benches, a dining table, and a floor with pull out table. All pieces conveniently stack in a cabinet in our garage when we are not using them.
-The two bench tops are mounted to the frames with hinges that swing open to provide ample storage space. The table provides plenty of room for dining or working.
-When you’re ready to go to bed, the tabletop is easily lowered to create a king-size bed and the fully-upholstered seating cushions for each bench are then used to create a king-size bed.
-There is also room behind the passenger row of seats for storage, additional conversion features if you want (e.g., toilet), or an additional sleeping space.
-Further, the bench seat can also provide an additional place for a child to sleep.
-This van has a clean title with just some minor cosmetic damage (no accidents) and low miles. It is very easy to drive and has incredible visibility.
-This unique van is flexible and ready for your daily commute and camping adventures.

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