, North Carolina

Long wheelbase (170”) 4×4 Crew model with 3.0L turbo diesel motor and 32” Falken all-terrain tires.

Selling because my family is growing, and it’s not getting used as much as it once did. I purchased the van brand new then took my family to almost every National Park in the lower 48 states. She’s still under power train and bumper-to-bumper warrantees, accident free, paid off, clean title in hand.

This was built to be self contained, light weight, maintenance free, modular, and reversible to factory form. Every component can be purchased on Amazon, and replaced with minimal tools or skills (no special ordering parts from a factory and waiting for repair shops). This model came with a removable rear bench seat from the factory, making it significantly safer for passengers than DIY or factory conversions. If removed, there’d be a HUGE open area to play with. [NOTE: you can easily walk around the bench seat while inside with the side door closed.]

Interior is powered by 2x 100ah Battle Born lithium batteries, 2x 160W Renogy solar panels, and a Victron smart charger/inverter system that allows you to monitor/control everything through your phone, and plug into shore power if you choose. We ran the fridge and freezer 24/7, fans all night, and used everything from power tools to hair dryers without ever needing to plug in.

Front passenger seat swivels, making a lounge/dinette/kid area in the front. Mattress is a queen size, cooling gel infused, 6” memory foam w/ ~7” trimmed off one side. There’s a massive ICECO VL60 Dual Zone fridge/freezer inside which runs on DC or AC. Underneath is a Thetford flushing cassette toilet on casters which lasts 2 adults >1 week, and can be discreetly emptied at rest areas or porta-potties. Sink is large enough to bathe a toddler, and connected to an electric water faucet which draws from one 5 gallon jug and drains into the other. This allows for easy dumping (virtually anywhere if you use bio-degradable soap), and refills from gallon jugs, filtered water stations at big box stores, or any water source you find on the road so you’re not constrained to potable water hoses that can reach the van. There’s plenty of room for bigger tanks if desired, but we found this solution to be way more convenient on the road. Maxx Air ceiling intake/exhaust fan is remote controlled, and can continue pulling fresh air through the van while driving or in the rain thanks to rain visors on the front windows.

I will also include a Moonshade awning which attaches to the van with suction cups or eyelets which can be permanently affixed to the roof rails, custom fit Carhartt windshield sun shade, indoor-safe propane heater w/ 11lbs refillable bottle, and a Coleman portable butane stove for cooking. I built a 3-piece sleeping platform for our toddler that sits over the front passenger seat if you’d like that as well.

If you live far away, I can meet you at the airport with full water tanks, fresh bedding, and a home cooked meal in the refrigerator so you can turn your drive home into a relaxing road trip.

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