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San Diego
, California
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San Diego
, California
36,000 Miles
Last Modified November 5, 2022

After a year of travels, we are selling our tiny home on wheels to someone looking to take their turn behind the wheel and start their own adventure. When building our van, we chose to make our Sprinter feel like a home and you’ll see in our photos how we made this happen. From the large farmhouse sink set below the hand-tiled backsplash to the lovingly built 3-drawer dresser and mountain headboard, we carefully created a van that has allowed us to see the US without giving up many conveniences that come with a less mobile home. Designed to make you feel right at home wherever you decide to park it, please reach out with any questions you have about this beauty (serious inquires only please).

Some specs and add-ons that our van comes with are the following:

– A self-contained/self-sufficient electrical system;
– Insulation enough to keep you comfortable in 3 seasons;
– A dream kitchen that will make all your friends jealous (complete with farmhouse sink and large fridge/freezer);
– Plenty of space to stretch out in your pull-out bed; and
– Enough storage to bring all of your favorite hobbies on the road with you!

Complimentary accessories:

– Leather tool organizer on back door;
– Magnetic bug nets for the side doors and back doors;
– Magnetic window insulated covers/blinds;
– Mounted Thule Awning (and handle to crank it out);
– Large heavy-duty, locking dresser in “Garage” with three drawers;
– Mounted WeBoost Signal Booster;
– Jackery Explorer 500 and 100w charging panels;
– Built in 12v lights w/ dimmer switch;
– Quick Connect Outdoor shower (hot water connection);
– Stove-top Oven; and
– Mr Buddy Heater.

We look forward to talking with you about our tiny home on wheels!

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