, Delaware

, Delaware
15,550 Miles

19′ ft 2019 Dodge Ram Pro Master 2500 hi-top. 159″” wheelbase

Low Miles. The van would set you back $50,000 if you could find one this nice with low miles.
Inside: Swivel seats , both passenger and drivers. All maintenance done and completely turn key ready to adventure.
It has an Inergy box that runs my CPAP and laptop at night. It also handles 2 Max Air fans keeping air moving and they have remotes. Custom built white cabinets along both walls. It has 8 boot boxes, 6 under bed with 1 on each side that are seats for the pull out table. Way Fair of Colorado did the install. Fully insulated interior along with kitchen sink with water tanks. All windows have magnetic covers that are insulated. Full size very comfortable bed. It also has a homemade extension for a larger bed. I am 5’10” and have not needed that. It has 100 w solar panel. Keeps Inergy box ready and can plug a charge in while driving. It has tons of storage. A overhead bulkhead for storage behind drivers seats. It also has magnetic screen for side door and back door. It has a military approved toilet. It folds compact and when needed and is ready quickly. It comes with a case of treated bags use and tie and dispose anywhere. This next item is a great one and was not cheap…… a full size quilt that hangs behind cab with a middle zipper for access. It rolls up quickly and stays in bulkhead. It also keeps the sleeping area much warmer if needed. Also has a Buddy heater that quickly has it toasty. Also has a hitch for bike rack. It even still has a couple months warranty .
New shower bag , hang it from back doors and of course a curtain .
If you have considered doing a build out you will have more money invested and time spent than you know, when you could be seeing the good Ol’ USA. Be well .

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