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, Oregon
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, Oregon
97,000 Miles
Last Modified August 28, 2023

After searching unsuccessfully for a lender willing to finance, we are looking for cash offers only.

This 2019 Ram Promaster 2500 Campervan is a registered Class B Motorhome and is fully equipped for full time VanLife or the perfect road-trip/ camping vehicle. I built this van for full time living and is one of four vans I built as the former owner of Wildland Vans LLC. Although this van is used, it has been remodeled for this sale with all the luxuries that make owning a Campervan so much fun. I can answer any questions you have with straight forward honest answers and willing to work with you on delivery options for out of state purchases.
This van has been our favorite thing about the last couple of years. We lived in it full time for a year and have used it since for weekend getaways and extended trips.

We’d love to keep the van, but my wife got a job in Bethel, Alaska and we won’t be able to use it there so we feel that it would be better used in the hands of a new owner. We are moving at the end of August and will sell to our best offer by then if our asking price is not met before then. The van is in great condition outside of minor scratches in the exterior paint. The engine and mechanics have been well maintained with regular oil changes every 5,000 miles and after long road-trips. We just purchased brand new Method Wheels MR703 and Toyo Open Country AT3 tires for incredible all weather traction and a 65,000 mile warranty.

The home within the van is a beautiful apartment on wheels with a timeless look and all the amenities to keep you comfortable and feeling at home while on the road. The materials used are high quality which you can feel the moment you step in. The space is bright and open with lots of natural light from windows and the skylight above the kitchen. White walls and upper cabinets feel clean, while the wood floor, ceiling and trim make the van cozy. The van comes with insulated blackout window covers for the front windows and shades in the back for complete privacy when parked.

The cabinets are made of Baltic birch wood with soft close slides and hinges with strong drawer catches to keep everything closed while in transit. All of the handles are special order, heavy duty stainless steel that won’t bend or break over time. Under the sink, a pullout trash rack holds cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper and extra garbage bags. The LED lights under the kitchen cabinets give a modern look and make the van that much more fun. The upper cabinets all have gas struts to assist in opening and keep doors open for you.

The ceiling is knotty cedar tongue-and-groove with alder wood trim. There are 2 MaxxAir Fans to help keep you cool or for ventilation while cooking or showering. The skylight is a Dometic Midi Heki with a blackout shade when you want it dark and a sliding bug scene for when you want to pop it open on sunny days. The flooring is brand new waterproof and scratch resistant Teton Hickory hardwood from Lifeproof Flooring with an advertised lifetime warranty. It was just installed for this sale to replace the old flooring that wasn’t as durable. It is real hardwood, but with a special finish that keeps it protected from water and damage, but still looks gorgeous.

At the front of the van, Scopema Swivel seat kits give both driver and passenger seats the ability to rotate towards the back of the van to give additional seating and a convenient work space for both driver and passenger. A Lagun Table and a flip up countertop extension on the passenger side make it easy for you to host guests for meals, have a comfortable desk space or room for board games. Because the Lagun table is fully adjustable, you can make it work for you, wherever you sit.

The bench seat is an oversized lounge that doubles as a storage space with a separate space for a hamper or to house a litter box for cat owners, with a non visible side opening facing the back of the driver’s seat. The bench space has a 110v outlet and a USB port for charging devices. The bench window is tinted, has two manual operated vents with bug screens for cooling ventilation and a roll-up shades for privacy or keeping it dark in the morning. The upper cabinet above the bench and the upper kitchen cabinet both have fully dimmable LED under cabinet lighting for when you want to read a book in the nook or make early morning coffee without disturbing anyone sleeping in the bedroom. All the lights in the the van are LED on dimmers including the under cabinet floor lighting so you can really set the mood from bright and open to calm and relaxing.

The stove is a Furrion 17” 3 burner gas range and oven with a glass top cover. The oven fits standard baking sheets or Pyrex pans. With the MaxxAir fan above the kitchen, you can safely cook with gas in the van and know you are well ventilated and Carbon-monoxide/ smoke detectors ensure you are safe. We love cooking in the van and it is our favorite thing to do in the van. We open up the sliding door wherever we are and cook up breakfast, lunch and dinner with a view of ocean, rivers or mountains and it never gets old.

The sink is a deep 20”x 20” farmhouse style made of porcelain with oil rubbed bronze faucets and a soap pump. It looks great in the van, but more importantly it actually fits all your dishes which makes cleaning easy. Behind the sink is a beautiful Spanish tile backsplash with a 110v outlet for kitchen appliances and a magnetic knife block that held our full set without ever losing a knife. The counter top is cherry wood butcher block that has been sealed with food grade safe beeswax wood oil.

The refrigerator is a Dometic Coolmatic CRX 110 12v Compressor Fridge/ Freezer 3.8 CU Feet. With a stainless steel modern look, it fits in nicely and doesn’t take up much physical room in the kitchen, but adds lots of space within for anything you need to keep cold. When full time living, this fridge is an absolute must, and when on weekend camping trips, it is extremely convenient to have. This is one of the best refrigerators you will find in any Campervan anywhere because of how energy efficient it is at keeping everything cold. Most of the time it isn’t using any energy at all, and when it does, it’s around 3A. It will easily hold a weeks worth of groceries for two people. The freezer space isn’t huge, but it’s big enough for pints of ice cream to eat in bed or trays of ice for when you want cold drinks on a hot day in the middle of nowhere.

The bathroom is fully tiled with a Nautilus self-cleaning retractable shower curtain, a Moen shower system and a removable teakwood floor. The toilet is urine diverting and uses 4 gallon trash bags for solids, while liquids flow to the grey water holding tank under the van. We recommend using the toilet primarily for liquids and solids as needed. By bagging after each use, disposing of waste is clean and easy. A 12v fan located within the toilet, pulls any smells from the toilet, out of the van and keeps the entire space smelling fresh. This system works as intended and we have never had complaints.

The bedroom has padded Marathon fabric walls with a 110v outlet and 2 upper cabinets for clothes. There is a tinted venting window with a bug screen at the head of the bed and two tinted windows on the back doors with roll up shades for privacy. To help keep you cool on warm summer nights, a MaxxAir fan is located in the center of the bedroom. On cold mornings, click on the thermostat without getting out of bed and the Propex HS2000 furnace will safely heat the entire van quickly and keep you toasty. The bed frame is made of wooden bed slats on a removable platform that will breathe and keep you cool without causing moisture buildup within your mattress. We are not including a mattress, because everyone has different preferences, but any Full size mattress should fit, although memory foam or similar would be easiest to get in and out. We used a full sized Purple Mattress and I’m not kidding when I say sleeping on a lakeside in this van is the best sleep I’ve ever had.

Under the bed frame is the garage which is accessible from the back of the van. While it houses the electrical system, water system and the refrigerator, it also has plenty of storage space for gear. There is a 110v outlet and a 10ft. heated water hose with a high efficiency nozzle for rinsing gear or taking an outdoor shower. The electric can be accessed if needed by removing a couple of the waterproofed panels or removing the bed frame.

The water system consists of a 40 gallon fresh water tank with a locking external fill port so you know you’re water is safe. The water is pressurized by a 12v Shurflo pump with a pump filter and pressure accumulator. We used Pex A piping to help prevent any pipe burst with flexible woven metal lines at the sink and shower hook ups. Drinking water safe brass fittings and components were used so you don’t have to worry about metals or rust in your water. The water is heated by a Suburban Nautilus On-Demand gas powered HOT water heater which supplies hot water to the sink, shower and the 10ft hose in the garage. Under the sink is a hidden 3-stage water filter with a dedicated filtered water faucet at the sink, so you can have great tasting water, no matter where you fill up from.

The electrical system is made up of two 100AH Battle Born batteries, two 100 watt Zamp Obsidian series solar panels, a Victron Energy MMPT 100/30 Smart Charge Controller, an Aims Power 2000w Inverter/ Charger with an external plug-in for shore power when parked and 110v power in the van with a power switch conveniently located in the front of the van, a Renogy 60A 12v DC-DC Charger to keep your batteries fully charged while driving, easy access 12v fuse block if you ever need to replace a blown fuse, in-line resetting fuses on main electrical lines, a master switch to shut off all 12v power, a 110v breaker box and our absolute favorite electrical component is the Simarine Pico Battery Monitor System.

The Simarine Pico not only is the best looking battery monitor display we could find, but it is also the most comprehensive. It looks like an Apple product with a touch screen display installed at the bench seat nook where you can easily see it when parked or driving. Friends and family are always curious about it and think it’s so cool we can see so much going on within the van from one device. It tells you the current state of your battery charge, but also how much battery time you have left till empty or till full when charging, the amount of power you’re bringing in from Solar, DC-DC, or Shore Power and how much power you’re using in real time. It shows you your fresh water tank level and grey water level, the temperature in the garage and barometric pressure. If you ever wish to add more batteries to monitor, tanks, temperature or even the levelness of the van, it has the capability and I can help you figure all of that out. The Pico system includes the Pico display, a communication splitter, the SC503 Battery Shunt, SCQ25 Quadro Digital Shunt, ST107 Tank Module and the SC303 Active Shunt.

Under the van is a 7 gallon RV propane tank with a remote fill kit so filling the propane is straightforward and simple for whoever fills it for you. Shutoffs for the oven, furnace and hot water heater are all located behind the kitchen cabinets and are easily accessed by opening the sliding door on the van. The grey water tank is attached under the van with an electronic ball valve. To empty the grey water you simply flip the remote switch from within the van and the ball valve will open the tank outside for clean and easy emptying. When you need to empty into a disposal tank there is an easy to connect hose attached under the van for storage when not in use. The spare tire is tucked up behind the back bumper.

Undoubtedly this is one of the best values you’ll find for the price and everything this van comes with and there is even more I could go on about this van if you’re interested. This van is used with 96,800 miles which is why we are asking $85,000 Or Best Offer. If you were to buy this van brand new, it would cost minimum of $120,000. We know this van is worth that price, but we will be moving soon so we will be selling to our best offer by August 26th if our asking price is not met sooner. I’m not selling a warranty with this van and I know that this is a solid build, but should anything go wrong down the road, you will have me as a free resource to ask any questions any time and I will help resolve any issues you face, in any way possible. We want this van to go to someone who will appreciate it and really want to use it a lot so we are more than willing to teach you how to utilize the van’s capabilities and show you how to do anything you might not know how to do or wouldn’t know if you’ve never owned a campervan or RV before. If you are a serious buyer and would like to checkout the van or if you have any questions at all, please give me a text or call at Five Four One 5 5 6 03 13 . My name is Buster. If I miss your call, leave a voicemail and I’ll call you back.

Note that if your text or email sounds like a scammer in anyway, I will not respond so be mindful of that. We don’t like scammers so don’t ask me to send you the Carfax from a weird 3rd party website or ask me if you can pay with Visa Gift Cards, we aren’t going to waste time so don’t waste yours.

200AH Battle Born batteries
200watts Zamp Solar Obsidian Series
Victron Energy MMPT 100/30 SMART Charge Controller
Aims Power 2000watt Inverter/ Charger with Shore Power external outlet for 110v power
Renogy 60A 12v DC-DC Charger
Simarine Pico Battery Monitor System with SC503 Battery Shunt, SCQ25 Quadro Digital Shunt, ST107 Tank Module and SC303 Active Shunt.

Dometic Coolmatic CRX 110 12v Compressor Fridge/ Freezer 3.8 CU Feet

Propex HS2000 propane

Oven/ Range:
Furrion 17” 3-burner gas stove with oven with Die-Cast grate and glass top

Maxx Air MaxxFans 00-05100K

Dometic Midi Heki

Moen shower system with Moen Magnetix shower head
Nautilus self cleaning retractable shower curtain

Water System:
40 gallon fresh water tank with tank sensor
PEX A piping
Suburban Nautilus On Demand Hot Water
Shurflo 12v 3.5 gallon pump
Shurflo water filter and pressure accumulator
Apex 3-Stage water filter

Grey Water System:
20 gallon grey water tank with tank sensor
1.5” electric ball valve with switch inside the van
In-line HepvO Waterless odor control valves

7 gallon external RV propane tank with remote fill valve

Spray foam insulation for full moisture barrier, heat retention in cold weather and helps keep the van cool in the heat.

Life Proof Teton Hickory engineered hardwood
Cedar wood tongue-and-groove ceiling with LED puck lights with dimmer switches
Alder wood trim

Baltic Birch cabinets
Stainless Steel handles
Soft close hinges and drawer slides
Gas struts

Van Essentials insulated magnetic blackout window covers

Method Race Wheels MR703 Matte Black

Toyo Open Country AT3

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