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, Texas
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, Texas
23,233 Miles
Last Modified March 6, 2024

This van has not been sold yet.

Ram Promaster 2500 159

We bought this van in Texas in 2021, and the feature of it has a power mirror folding. We upgraded our radio/clock to a 10” Kenmore monitor from Custom Sounds in Austin, TX. We installed a rear camera onto the back of the camera dash, and placed a visible front camera on a rear mirror. I use the rear camera more often than the front camera so I can see who is behind while driving.

We hired a contractor in Colorado, Renegade Vans ( in 2021. There are five photos from the beginning of our journey. It shows four solar panels (100 watts each), 1 Maxxair deluxe in the front, 1 Maxxair manual in the back.

There was one 400 lithium battery, we added a second one later which is hidden under a step up to the loft bed. We used a foam board to cover the electricity area as temporary for two reasons: we do not want our cat to access it due to the fact that our cat is blind; the lights on electricity are too bright which disturb our sleep.

We originally wanted to make a slide loft bed – queen size to a single size for bigger space someday. The loft bed is a twin size bed, it sits on two center support beams and slats from IKEA. The bottom bed is 30″ W x 66″ L, it has its own 4″ height storage frame. Lift the top frame of the bed and strap it to the loft bed’s frame to access the storage there. This bed frame is not installed onto the floor yet.

Our kitchen dresser is actually a dresser which we made as our kitchen set. We painted it blue and gray with a top coat of waterproof clear paint. We added an end table to be folded down or lifted up as an additional counter. The dresser is installed onto the floor.

The shower stall does not have a shower plumbing system. We used a geyser shower a couple of times which we will keep. We have a Stansport Easy-go Portable Camp Toilet we ordered from Amazon, it will stay with the van.

We used campervan for camping and stayed at places overnights in Texas often.

It is registered in Texas as a passenger van, and we have a commercial loan (about $17k remaining) with our lender. Our lender holds the title. TX tag will be renewed in March 2024.

I would be glad to have a video chat with you to virtual tour the van.

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