, California

7 year 70,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty!
This 2020 ford transit stealth camper van is designed to never have to be plugged in for power or even have the water tank filled up! This is due to the massive solar panel setup (1000 watts) , huge battery bank (800 amp hours) and rainwater collection system that collects any water that falls on the panels and automatically drains it into the 110 gallon water tank. There is also a shore charger built in just in case you ever need it and a charger that draws power from the alternator when the engine is running. 3500 watt inverter built in can run everything inside the van all at one time. There is also a 4 gallon water heater so you can have hot showers and a sink for hands and dishes. A natures head self composting toilet that works amazingly well. A ventilation fan that is constantly circulating filtered air in from outside and shuts off and closes itself at a set temperature that you control to keep the cold out if it gets cold outside. Not only is the whole van very well insulated but all the water lines and batteries are separately insulated and have automatic freeze protection warmers that turn on at low temperatures that can be customized. The solar system has a victrom smart charge controller and a smart Bluetooth victron shunt so you can monitor the percentage and power going in and out of the batteries. Comes with the double bike rack in the pictures if you would like it included and all the electronics including the 4k TV. Has an incredibly efficient 12v fridge and unbelievable amounts of storage with all the cabinets and all the open space under the bed. Van is the first year that has the 10 speed automatic transmission and with 310 horsepower from the engine there is plenty of power even if you would like to pull a trailer or car behind the van. I am also including a 1000w ecotric fat tire ebike and a ninja air fryer/pressure cooker with the sale for free if you want either. Call or text me if you have any questions: 5619358927. My name is Evan
Thank You

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