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, Florida
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, Florida
15,680 Miles
Last Modified November 10, 2023

Van Delta features a fully custom professional conversion, fully equipped with sink, induction stove, and enough battery power to run a small town. If you’re interested in Van Delta, we encourage you to watch our Van Tour on youtube before continuing on, as this will answer a ton of questions. Link is just below this section.

DRIVABILITY: it doesn’t get much easier than this. Our testers raved about the onboard backup camera and driver assist features. Lane assist and dynamic cruise control add lots of confidence to first time drivers. Simplicity was our goal when designing the van. All-Wheel-Drive makes a world of difference whether you’re trudging through feet of snow in the Rocky’s or camped on a grassy wet slope.

PLUSH SLEEPING: This Vanlife custom is the perfect vehicle for someone who wants a plush travel experience. A temperpedic QUEEN bed and fresh comforter provide a rare, exceptionally snuggly sleeping experience while traveling especially for taller individuals. The multi-height bed-frame can convert the space into a bunked sleeping environment.

POWER: Random buttons and procedures were kept to a minimum. Simply plug in your phone charger or the included induction cooktop. The battery power is easy to keep track of on the state-of-the-art touch screen control panel, or via the app remotely, but don’t worry, the vehicle can run the lights, fans, fridge, and charge whatever you need and still get topped off daily by the onboard solar panels automatically. No need for a noisy generator.

REFRIGERATOR: A 74 liter 2 compartment Dometic Fridge/Freezer is stowed under the main galley bench. It can be bluetooth controlled via your phone.

RUNNING WATER is available via the fullsize sink and faucet, 33 gallons of fresh water storage and digital level monitoring make kitchen clean up so fast and easy.

VENTILATION: is so important to summer comfort, between the 14 inch ceiling AirMax vent fan and the two internal fans comfortable sleeping is well.. a breeze, even on 85 degree nights. A large rear side window provides an excellent cross breeze, creating perfect “snuggle under a warm down quilt conditions” on demand.

STORAGE: So much storage space! The cabinets and storage “garage”. Provide 2x the capacity of a full-sized truck bed. Low-key internal wall storage (located under the bed) has room for Paddles, fishing poles, or cased firearms.

PRIVACY! Its amazing how much you appreciate the privacy once you’re out and about all day and come home to your own quiet spot. Thanks to the bulkhead and blinds, this space remains yours and yours only. Additionally, the stealthy character of the van adds to its ability to be parked almost anywhere, this is a huge, and often forgotten advantage!!!

FRESH: fully sanitized, covid-free environment.

The mattress and pillows are wrapped in hypoallergenic barriers.

HEAT!!! Once the temps dip into the 40’s our digitally controlled deisel heater is enabled. The heater can be operated at any temp, but based on past experience, it isnt necessary with how the Van is insulated.

CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi hotspot integrated. Ability to connect dash-cam, fridge, and energy management system and control remotely.

CONSTRUCTION: 80/20 Extruded Aluminum and CAD 3d designs were implemented in the framework of the vans interior. Panels affixed to this framework create an “at-home” look, while accounting for vibration and other environmental factors. Thus ensuring longevity and modularity should additions be made in the future. All marine grade wiring was used throughout the van. Thinsulate 3m insulation is one of 3 layers lining the inner walls and ceiling. Sound barriers and neoprene create a toasty sub-floor. Safety, longevity, and fire protection were all consideration through-out construction.

There are truly endless fine points to the build that we would love to discuss with you if you are interested in owning Delta Van. Please reach out!

-Scott Needleman

Owner, Van Delta

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