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Little Silver
, New Jersey
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Little Silver
, New Jersey
94,000 Miles
Last Modified October 9, 2023

In three words: Adventure, Reliability, and Comfort

“Ski Rex” knows Adventure better than anyone. She’s been to every lower continental state west of the Mississippi, spent the night at over a hundred ski areas, and visited dozens and dozens of national parks and monuments. In 94,000 miles, she’s never gotten stuck, lost her footing, or shown any hesitation. In fact, she’s helped rescue, or jump-start, or dig out her share of stranded motorists. She’s cruised through brutal 70 mph cross-winds, plowed ahead in blizzard white-outs, and climbed over ice-slick snowy passes. And she keeps her cool during the blazing summer months as well. Whatever adventure you have planned, Ski Rex has what it takes to get you there and is always ready to go.

Ski Rex is the most Reliable vehicle on the road. All of her critical systems have been studiously maintained and/or augmented. To most people, she’s a little bit “over-the-top.” Her raised, heavy-duty suspension doesn’t just give her a daunting profile — it gives her a foot of clearance that keeps her armor-plated underside out of the snow, the water, and the mud. Her three solar panels keep her lithium batteries fully charged, and her high-efficiency heater (and air conditioner) deliver 100% under the most brutal external conditions. In the past two years, she has pushed her way through temperature extremes ranging from –30°F to +110°F. Her extended fuel tank (and external emergency tanks) give her a 750 mile range — think New York to Chicago on one tank of diesel! And her custom fog lights and top light bar cut through every conceivable weather obstacle — no surprises driving the open prairies at night. Wherever you are going, Ski Rex will get you there safely.

Ski Rex is the most Comfortable van on the road. First of all, she is a top-of-the-line Mercedes Sprinter van with a turbo diesel engine, power rack & pinion steering, and advanced electronics package. On top of this, she’s been upgraded well beyond the aforementioned over-hauled heating, battery, and air-conditioning systems. Her (almost) queen-sized bed has the most comfortable 5″ memory-foam mattress available; her “garage” has a full suite of modifiable benches, tables, and storage solutions; and her galley and overhead storage areas have extensive custom-made bamboo shelving and removable covers. Perhaps most importantly, she’s got 14 cubic feet of easy-access, external storage space — including a full-length, marine-grade aluminum locker that is large enough to store (and protect) four pairs of skis (or two full-sized sets of golf clubs). Moreover, all of the ancillary necessities of RV life — hoses, electrical connectors, spare fluids, jacks and miscellaneous tools — can be stored outside of the living quarters in a rear lock-box. Make no mistake, living space in a van is tight — especially for two! — so every opportunity to store a clunky tool or volatile fluid outside of the cabin is a godsend. Whatever your expectations for comfort are, Ski Rex will delight in meeting them.

OK… that’s the run-down on Ski Rex. There are thousands of Sprinters and RVs out there. Do your homework: check them out. Go to the dealers and look at the new vehicles… follow up private listings and check out the used vehicles. You may find something that fits your needs and your budget better than Ski Rex.

But… if you are looking for a well-loved vehicle that has been carefully driven and meticulously maintained… and a machine that has been thoroughly upgraded and thoughtfully provisioned… Ski Rex may be the right vehicle for you.

Put it this way: If you do find another Revel out there, the first thing you’ll ask yourself is, “OK… how can I jack up the suspension?” Or, “What can I do about the 250 mile driving range?” Or, “How do I go about getting lithium batteries?” Or, “Why doesn’t the air-conditioning work without shore power?”

In the end, you’ll wish you had gotten a vehicle that was tested and upgraded, again and again, through months of loving attention to detail.

PS: Yes, it is possible to find Ski Rex in the parking lot from the top of the mountain. (In this case, Loveland Ski Area in Colorado.)

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