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, Arizona
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, Arizona
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Last Modified October 13, 2022

2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 170 Extended 4×4

This is a one of a kind conversion with no expense or consideration spared. (top finishes, maximum solar, water tanks and sleeping capability of 6)

Seating & Sleeping
This van can hold the entire family with the ability to seat and sleep 6, or you can have it all to yourself. There are 2 lap belts in the back of the rig when the dinette is set up as well as a 2nd row seating behind the driver’s seat with 2 additional belts. With the rooftop tent called the “falcon” by Roofnest, you can sleep on those perfect weather nights and wake up to the sunrise on the horizon. There is a telescoping ladder to get to the tent from the side or you can access the tent via the rear of the rig. With the happijac bed lift system, you can keep the dinette for eating, and with one simple button your bed is ready for you, unless you have a bunch of company, and then the dinette easily converts to a large bed.

Water Tanks:
This build has a 45 gallon fresh water tank and a 10 gallon HOT WATER heater and a 30 gallon grey tank. The toilet system is not a black water tank nor is it a compost toilet. We went with the dry flush system by Laveo which is like a diaper genie with no odor and easy to move out of the bathroom to maximize your shower space. There’s a video online that shows a demonstration.

Lets talk exterior:
We didn’t cut a corner on this one. This conversion is equipped with Backwoods front and rear bumper with a wench and light bar and roof rack with lights. On the rear, there is Owl Van storage box, bike rack and spare tire carrier/ladder. There is a passenger side awning, amp steps, lift kit, driver side ladder to access deck space on the top of the van, upgraded rims and tires. There is also an upgraded Rentech performance upgrade chip and pedal boost producing 80 more hp and 97 more foot pounds of torque.

Solar: It has 525 watts solar (Renogy) that is attached to the top of the rooftop tent to allow space on the roof rack for deck space.

Other Equipment:
4 battle born lithium ion batteries, a 12 volt AC system that works while driving, a magnum inverter/converter, fridge/freezer combo

The build has walnut live edge counter top, walnut plank butcher block tables in rear, front, and side door to make eating easy with the front swivel seats to eat in more than one place. Maple shiplap with lacquer paint. Custom cabinetry with full size trash can, pantry, and all drawers with 20-pound magnets to allow you to take those quick corners. There is a full-length mirror, an Isotherm cruise 130, a oven with 3 burner stove and propane system. Custom leather seating in the rear which is a gel/foam mattress to allow maximum comfort when converted for sleeping as well as matching leather in the front seats and 2nd row seating. There is an outdoor shower hose in the back of the van. Full tile shower with WEDI board backing to prevent cracks or leaks and to limit any extra weight.

Please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions! We are happy to send videos and to discuss more over the phone.

Here is a recap…

Interior highlights:
 Seatbelt and sleeping for 6

 Happijac bed system in the rear

 Maple shiplap walls and ceiling

 Havlock wool insulation

 Real Hardwood flooring – Hickory

 Live edge countertop – Walnut

 Full size pull out mirror

 Full size trash can

 Walnut plank butcher block (tables, seating areas front and back)

 AC (running on 12V system will work while driving)

 Custom solid hardwood cabinetry (including spice rack pull out)

 Full tile shower/toilet (area) using Wedi board with self-cleaning marine shower door.

 Propane oven/cooktop

 TV wiring/hookup

 Isotherm Cruise 130 fridge

 Tanks – 45 gallon fresh, 30-gallon grey, 10-gallon hot water

 Solar 525W Renogy system

 Leather interior (full interior including front driver/passenger to match)

 Swivel front seats

 Storage above driver/pass (headspace)

 Outdoor rear shower

 Outdoor pullout table (slider area)

 4 speaker separate system for rear of coach

Exterior Highlights:
 Amp Steps

 Backwoods bumper front and back

 Backwoods XL roof rack with lights and side ladder

 Warn Winch

 RIP lift kit with fox 2.0 shocks

 Upgraded rims and tires

 Owl tire carrier with ladder drivers rear

 Owl B2 carrier with XL box and 2 bike carriers passenger rear

 Wrapped black front hood

 Roofnest Falcon rooftop tent on rear of roof rack (with custom side ladder)

 Fiamma 45s awning (13ft wide)


Performance Upgrades:
 Renntech performance upgrade (chip and pedal boost) producing 80 more HP and 97 more foot pounds torque

 Pedal box accelerator performance – (normal, sport, sport plus modes)

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