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Santa Clara
, Utah
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Santa Clara
, Utah
20,000 Miles
Last Modified June 3, 2023

Our Family Camper Van has got to go. We are adopting a baby and will be building a new van with more room for sleeping.
This van is an incredible van! Perfect for Small family and large gatherings. It has so many features! It Pulls like a champ! We pull our 4 seater Side by Side all the time on adventures.
Plenty of space! It has a huge Horseshoe shaped Dinette inside for fun inside games or just to eat lunch.
Van comes with Starlink already installed. You can literally work from anywhere!
The Owl Rack fits two Bikes and the Owl Compressor will top off more than just your Mountain bike tires.
This Van has a hidden Shower. The Bathroom Folds up into extra counter space and the overhead turns into a functional Bathroom Cupboard.
This van has an extended warranty and since i build these professionally I will warranty the build for 1 year.

Watch the video walk through of this van

Sleeps 5
Seats 7

This has been such an amazing van! I build these professionally and this van is our 4th

This is the 170 Extended Sprinter van
it is also the XD so it can haul 9000 pounds. It has 20,000 miles on it

It comes with:
– Owl Bike Racks
– Owl Air Compressor
– Outside Drawer
– Full Shower
– 2.5 Gallon Water heater
– Lots of Storage space
– Outside shower
– Falcon XL Roof nest with Power inside
– Microwave
– Induction Stove
– SSV works Audio System
– Garage Space under bed
– 600 Amp Hours of lithium battery
– 3000 watt Victron inverter
– Shore Power hook ups
– DC/DC Charger
– 450 Watts of solar
– 17 foot roof rack
– Electric Sky light pop out
– Roof Nest
– 15000 BTU ac system
– 15000 BTU Heater system
– 95 Quart Fridge Freezer
– Large Farm house kitchen sink
– Seat belts
– Lots of Storage
– Garage Space
– 50 Gallons of Fresh water
– 15 gallons of Grey
– 2.5 Gallon Water heater
– Full Surround Sound and TV and Fire stick
– We Boost Cell booster
– Star link
– Full Shower
– Full pantry
– Power Sliding door
– Lagoon Table
– Extendable Queen Size bed
– Large Shoe Drawer
– 1 inch floor insulation
– 50lp water pressure pump and stabilizer
– 220 Lb Air Compressor
– 400 Watt Subwoofer
– Extendable Hammock
– Wiring for Awning
– Wiring for Roof Lights
– 12 volt and 120 Volt power through out van
– Butcher block counter tops

ONLY 20000 Miles on the vehicle and its 2020! Full Surround Sound Bluetooth Audio and Video System with 12volt TV.
Watch the video for this van. FULL ROOF RACK TENT POP UP with FINISHED DECK! Power Skylight and Dry Flush Cassette Toilet. Victron Power Monitoring and control System. Full Kitchen with Front Load Freezer/ Fridge Combo.

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