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Santa Rosa
, California
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Santa Rosa
, California
10,780 Miles
Last Modified March 14, 2023

GTRV Nissan NV200 Camper
Includes prepaid maintenance and extended warranty. Catsecurity, tow hitch, and tire chains.
2020 NV200 purchased May 31, 2020
Camper conversion completed by GTRV in early October, 2020.
Average mpg 27.5
Unlimited time/100,000 mile warranty, Lifetime transferable Service Contract $3k, 84mos/105k miles transferable Maintenance Contract $2k, Code/Etch Portfolio Theft Contract $459
Total cost of base van $31,235.82.
Catalytic converter catsecurity system $1k
Tire chains $160
Tow hitch $267
Screen door $140
GTRV Conversion:
Pop top roof with panels and cushions for additional sleeping location above
Fold down convert-a-bed
Drawer fridge (electric)
Stainless steel sink with 12V pump or city water supply (9 gallon fresh water and 4.5 gallon grey water tanks)
2 burner propane stove
Screened windows in sliding doors
Privacy curtains on all windows and windshield
Propane, CO, and smoke detectors
Interior lights
Fold-out table
USB and cigarette lighter plugs in two locations
Shore power outlets
Fire extinguisher
MaxxFan Deluxe reversible and programmable temperature controlled fan
Thule roof tracks
Fiamma F35 220 awning (never used)
Insulation package
Sound deadening insulation
Propex furnace
12V Battle Born lithium battery with engine charge circuit
1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with dedicated outlets
100W solar panel with charge controller (upgraded to a framed panel)
Rear windows and rear view mirror
Total cost of conversion $38,184.11. (Current cost of the same conversion is over $50,000.)
I’ve had seat covers on front and rear seats since purchase. The van has four seat belts and headrests. Stacking basket drawers, spice/detergent holder, and mattress protector. I have compiled a detailed user manual and will pass along my suggestions for a complete tool kit. Keys in triplicate, touch-up paint, all installation and user manuals for conversion equipment. $70,986.93 plus cost of accessories. (Current cost would be over $84,000.)

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