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, Massachusetts
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, Massachusetts
9,500 Miles
Last Modified June 11, 2021

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This is a luxury stealth camper van with the most powerful electric system in this size.

The van has a clear title with 9.5k miles, under factory warranty: 3 yr/36,000 mi basic, 5 yr/60,000 mi powertrain.

Warranty is provided for all components in the van build*. Life time free technical support is provided.

About the builder: I am an electrical engineer. I enjoy building sophisticated systems.  I built 3 vans in the past and the buyers are very satisfied with my work. I recently setup a new workshop to build vans. Please visit my web site


* Huge lithium batteries(capable of running A/C over night)
* 800W solar panels
* Bathroom w/ retractable door
* Stealth A/C
* Insulated and heated gray water tank w/ electrical dump
* 4-way surveillance cameras


* Tesla lithium battery bank ( 400AH/24V or 800AH/12V) with 10KWH capacity.
* 800W solar panels from Renogy
* 2500W pure sine wave inverter/charger/solar controller from Tesla solar supplier
* 3-way battery charging: Solar/Alternator/Shore power
* 5 AC outlets
* Automatic battery heater to maximize battery performance


* 30 gallon fresh water tank w/ level indicator
* 15 gallon insulated and heated gray water tank w/ level indicator
* Electrical dump (dump gray water tank by pressing a button)
* 2.5 gallon electrical water heater
* Bathroom w/ retractable door
* Composting toilet
* Automatic water filling valve


* 3.2 cubic foot 2-door fridge
* 1800W 2-burner induction cooktop
* 700W microwave


* Suburban propane furnace (16000BTU)
* Vented propane tank compartment
* Stealth A/C (5000BTU)
* Front and rear roof fans
* Toilet fan


* 4-way surveillance cameras
* Smoke/CO detector alarm
* Propane gas detector alarm
* Fire distinguisher
* In compliance with RV standard (NFPA 1192)


* Plumbing and electric components are easily accessible
* All wires are clearly labeled
* A detailed user manual and trouble shooting guide will be provided
* Life time free technical support is provided
* The plumbing and electrical wiring are straight forward. It is easy to replace a component with some common hand tools.


* Swivel passenger seat
* Huge garage
* Queen size bed (60×75)
* Slide-out table
* Closets
* 6 drawers
* Overhead cabinets

Detailed Description

* Battery: The van has a Tesla lithium battery bank with 10KWH capacity. The Tesla batteries are expected to hold 75% capacity after 20 years when used properly. It has charging and discharging protectors, and automatic battery heaters, to maximize battery performance and life.
* Charging: the van can charge the battery by solar, alternator and shore power. Charging is automatic: solar charging is on whenever there is daylight; shore power charging is on whenever power cord is plugged to the van power inlet; alternator charging is on whenever the engine ignition is turned on.
* Automatic water filling valve: this valve prevents from over-filling or under-filling the fresh water tank. The van has an outside inlet to connect garden hose. When you fill fresh water with garden hose, you don’t need to monitor when to stop. The automatic water filling valve will shut off as soon as the fresh water tank is full.
* Stealth A/C: the van has a 5000BTU A/C under chassis. The A/C is small enough to run over night by battery alone, yet is large enough to cool the living area.
* Safety and Security:
** The van has 4 surveillance cameras that monitor front, back, right and left, so you have full awareness of the environment while stealth camping.
** All the movable parts have locks or magnets, and they won’t move during driving
** Overload protection (breakers/fuses) is available for all electric components.


5 years free replacement for lithium batteries and solar panels
1 year free replacement for refrigerator, microwave, induction cooktop and A/C.
3 years free replacement for all other components
Covers defective components only; normal wear and tear is not covered (we can replace damaged component with reasonable price)

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