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Travato 59GL lithium version of the well known Travato. There is plenty online and in my pictures to show you what to expect. The van is in great condition and is 21′ long so it can fit into standard parking spots. Below are some of the special changes that make this a great choice for camping, traveling, and life on the road.

This Travato has some of popular modifications Travato owners like. In the photos you’ll see the cumbersome dinette table that blocked the front area from the back (including the post that always got in the way) has been replace with the simple to use Lagun mount and a custom hardwood maple tabletop. It can be positioned to the side for traveling or conversation and then turned to the center when having meals. (And the “puzzle bed” is still available to use for extra sleeping accommodations.)

Below the table a place to plug in A/C and USB cords is added to avoid the awkward plugins above the table.

The tiny folding sink faucet in the kitchen is replaced with a standard and much more functional faucet. A paper towel rack and a magnetic knife strip are installed.

In the bath a soap dispenser and towel racks are added.

Lights have been added to most cabinets to improve visibility along with extra shelves in the pantry.

The traditional limited Ram Promaster entertainment system is replaced with a JVC system and some speakers were upgraded as well.

A Garmin RV 1090 10” Navigation GPS (especially useful for RVing) was added too.

A WeBoost Drive X RV cell signal booster is installed.

We custom cut Reflectix shades to supplement the existing shades to help in hot or cold environments.

A hitch cargo carrier with an enclosed locking box for carrying extra stuff is available for an extra $200. (The additional swing arm hitch extender shown in one of the photos is not included.)

We have a 7-year extended warranty that appears to be transferable to the buyer.

A protective coat was added at the dealership to protect the interior and exterior better.

The Travato has all the normal items that you can read about online including the Truma Combi Eco Plus heating, the Coleman Mach 10 air conditioner, solar panels, and of course the Pure3 Energy Management System for the lithium battery the Travato is famous for.

Anyway, we’ve put a lot of time into making this Travato special and nice to use. We just need to upgrade to a larger RV for our family, so we need to sell it. Thanks for checking it out.

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