Red Deer
, Canada

2020 Ram Promaster 3500 159″ wheelbase. 31000 KM!!

Price is negotiable.

This 2020 Ram Promaster is ready and waiting for someone who is also ready for adventure. This vehicle is gas and not diesel and front wheel drive so it is steady on the roads
you wont break the bank on maintenance and fuel. not only that, you can take is anywhere to have it worked on should you need oil changes while you travel. Being as it is still brand new
you still are covered under warranty. a little over a year for the bumper to bumper and over 3 for the powertrain you can enjoy yourself without stressing. It also comes with beefed
up axles and a heavy duty suspension so you will ride in comfort. The drivers seat has an air suspension seat so you will not even notice bumps at all. I also had an upgraded stereo that has
WIRELESS android auto and Apple Carplay so not only are you comfortable but you get to groove to your tunes and navigate to your next destination. The is a rear camera so you can see if there are vehicles straight
behind you as an additional safety feature. If you have kids then additional waste belts can be installed so the little ones are secure.

This vehicle is chalk full of good you would be hard pressed to find on another camper van. With a MASSVIE battery bank at 800Ah of Battleborn lithium Ion batteries,
you will be able to use all your systems with ease and not have to worry about draining them. The addition of the 600 Watt solar panels up top your batteries will stay topped up
while you are exploring. There is also a monitor so you can always see where your batteries are at. I had a roof deck installed so if whether you go watch fireworks or another event, chances are you will have an unobstructed view.

If living off the grid is more your speed then this camper will keep up, not only do you have enough power but the shower system has the added benefit of recirculating the water
so it will clean it and send it back through so you can enjoy your shower and at the same time save water. Your 2500 Watt inverter will also allow you to use your power when you need to.

If you stay in a trailer park or some place with shore power you can plug in and have the added comfort of having heated floors as well as the ability to use all your systems with no issues.

The van is also 4 SEASON and yes I mean that. I have slept in this van at -30 and nothing froze and I was still warm. with the built in Espar heater which absolutely pumps out
the heat and the added spray foam insulation to keep the heat in then staying warm is not a problem.

This beautiful interior using cedar planks for the roof and pine for the wall making it good against moisture and smells like a log cabin. When you add the LED lights on dimmers
it makes the space feel warm and inviting. For nights in the van is prepped with a nice bench seat and a leg rest that pops out so you can relax and watch the flip down TV in the front.
if you are having dinner then the couch converts into a little dinette so you can enjoy your meals. The kitchen has a hidden induction cooktop and beautiful hardwood countertops, so making the meals are a breeze and
with your fridge you will be able store enough food for your travels. In the rear there is a SECOND flip down monitor so you can cozy up on movie nights.

The exterior comes with a Linex box liner spray on the lower portion of the van. this makes the exterior extra durable so rocks can’t
damage it, and bugs don’t damage the surface. You can scrub it off and it will look brand new again!

– Additional Items that come with this van are as follows.
– Wifi and 4g booster.
– Snow Chains.
– 60L Fresh water, 40L Greywater and a 40L blackwater tanks.
-Small 12V compressor incase you need to pump up your tires.
– 100ft 120V extension cord
– 30A to 120V adaptor
– insulated window coverings for the cab area for privacy and they keep the heat out and cold out depending on the season.

I have lived in this vehicle for a year and a half and during that time I felt safe, warm, dry and comfortable so I am glad to pass on such a solid vehicle to the next adventurer.

This campervan was not built by me, but the very capable and professional hands of a well known outfitter. If you want more details or have any questions about this camper van then
don’t hesitate to call at 514 219 9113.

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