, Pennsylvania

, Pennsylvania
24,124 Miles

This is a converted campervan. I am an engineering and design student that took on this project in late 2020. The van is designed to be lived in as it has been by myself for 2.5 years. I lived through harsh New England winters in this and it is surely winter ready. A large spacious kitchen gives a full feel of a home. It is designed to be fully off the grid as well.

It has 25,000 miles on it. Fully Insulated Van, Full kitchen, Double Bed, 26″ Sink, Double Burner Propane Stove, Full Birch Hardwood countertops, Oak Cabinets, Garage Design under the bed, Dual In and Out Ceiling Exhaust Fans, Slat wall on one side to hand anything, upper and lower cabinets, 2x 275 Watt Solar panels on the roof, solar-powered Dometic Fridge, 16 Gallon Water Tank, Diesel Heater with vents routed, shore power 10 amp charger hooked up, ceiling and floor lights, outdoor shower hookup in the back, Waterproof floors, bug nets on doors, included with a 40amp DC-DC battery charger.

This van offers plenty of storage, ways to carry things, and ways to use it. It is able to be run completely off the grid as the solar is much more powerful than anything in this van. There are 4 outlets with 4 USB outlets hooked up to the 2000-watt inverter. There is also an under-the-driver seat x2 outlet x2usb hookup that only runs when you are plugged in.

I’m in Pennsylvania but if you need me to drive it to you we can make that happen. Feel free to message me about any information you would like to know.

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