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Palmetto Ga, will deliver to continental US
, Georgia
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Palmetto Ga, will deliver to continental US
, Georgia
32,500 Miles
Last Modified March 11, 2024

**Enrique: 2021 Ram Promaster 3500 Ext High Roof Campervan – South American Proven, Adventure Ready!**

**Specifications & Features**:

– **Model & Mileage**: 2021 Ram Promaster 3500 Ext High Roof with just 32,000 miles.
– **Navigational Aids**: Rearview and backup cameras to simplify driving and parking.
– **Solar & Power**:
– 2×200 watt solar panels.
– 3×100 amp hour lithium-ion Battleborn batteries.
– Victron tech suite: 3000 inverter charger, 30/100 solar charge controller, battery-to-battery charger, and CerboGX monitoring system.
– **Kitchen & Utilities**:
– 27-gallon water tank.
– 6.5-gallon under-mounted propane tank.
– Gas stove and instant water heater.
– 17″ deep bowl kitchen sink.
– 12v refrigerator with built-in freezer.
– **Comfort & Living**:
– Queen-sized bed with 5″ memory foam mattress.
– Convertible table-to-seating area.
– MaxxAir roof fan, 2 vented windows, and 3M Thinsulate insulation for climate control.
– Upgraded sound system: door speakers and 10″ subwoofer.
– **Extras & Aesthetics**:
– Exterior: Side ladder, roof deck, side awning, and exterior lighting.
– Interior: Phone-controlled accent lights, dimmer switch, ample charging ports, and tinted windows.
– Storage: Ample space under bed and additional compartments.
– Convenience: Composting toilet and outdoor shower.

**Travel Proof**: Enrique isn’t just any campervan; it’s a testament to endurance and adaptability. From the southernmost point of Ushuaia in Argentina, winding its way up to the vibrant north of Colombia, Enrique has traversed the vast, diverse landscapes of South America. Imagine nights camped next to the pristine glacial lakes of Patagonia, mesmerizing vistas of the vast salt flats in Bolivia, and the majestic heights of the Andes in Peru and Ecuador. Each location, each mile traveled, adds to the rich tapestry of Enrique’s journey, guaranteeing not just quality, but proven durability and adaptability in the most varied of terrains and climates.

**Delivery & Payment**: Will assist with delivery in the lower 48. Payments accepted in Bitcoin.

Join the adventure and make Enrique your reliable home-on-wheels! Questions? Call/text 404-936-7819

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