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, Florida
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, Florida
37,000 Miles
Last Modified January 30, 2024

This beautiful fully customized 2021 Ram Promaster Van was purchased new and was custom built. It has received regular maintenance and is in perfect running condition. It has all the amenities for full-time living.

Electrical System:
– Three solar panels with a total of 585W of solar mounted on the roof that charge the batteries
– 2000W inverter (can basically run anything you need to)
– 400AH of battery
– Multiple 120V plugs and USB plugs
– 30A shore power connection hidden on the back (30A cord and additional adapter for 15A included).
– The house batteries are tied into the inverter of the van so when the engine runs the batteries also charge
– 12V DC can lighting with three switch legs and all dimmable

– Hot/Cold water plumbing to the sink with the 3GPM 12V pump
– Cold water garden hose attachment near the tank for use with the hot water heater or to clean equipment, dogs, etc.
– Swiveling sink head with a hose for quick rinses outside of the van
– One-gallon electric hot water heater for the sink that runs continuously for hot water whenever you need it
– 27-gallon customized water tank over the left wheel well
– Propane-fueled hot water heater that provides instant hot water to the shower. This can also be used for an outdoor shower and can be removed for hot showers outside of the van. It also comes with a separate pump to use rivers/lakes/ponds for hot showers when camping.
– Indoor, cedar-planked shower. All grey water runs through a drain hole in the bottom of the van and is not collected in a tank. This water can be diverted with a garden hose.

– 1800W dual burner induction stove with a mirror finish. The 2000W inverter means you can use both burners at the same time.
– 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator (AC powered) with a small freezer
– Butcher block countertop
– Black granite sink
– 7-gallon greywater tank below the sink
– Triple filtered drinking water tap
– Soap dispenser
– Stick on tile backsplash

– Elevated bed platform for full sized mattress with ample storage beneath
– Small “bookshelf” for stowing books, e-readers, tablets, computers, etc.
– 12V reading lights with USB chargers over each person’s area of the bed
– Retractable projector screen at the foot of the bed that stows away
– 1080P native smart projector that runs all standard streaming platforms with excellent sound. This is mounted with a magnet and is easily removable if you want to watch movies outside of the van
– 120V plug with extra USB ports
– The bed platform is entirely removable for easy access to work on plumbing and electrical or to maximize storage space if you want to haul more gear.

Storage Space:
– There is ample storage above the cab area in the “pizza oven”.
– The kitchen has three medium-depth drawers that are great for cooking/eating utensils and other small items.
– Under the sink is a large area with a sliding door. This is where the greywater is housed but there is enough room to store a small trash bin and cleaning supplies.
– A small cabinet sits about the stove and is great for food/spice and dish storage.
– The large bench seat has a top door on piano hinges that provides ample storage.
– The “garage area” under the bed offers the most storage.
– If you don’t use the shower much, you can use it as a storage closet.

Van Details:
– 2021 Ram Promaster 2500 139″ wheelbase non-extended
– High roof (Easily stand up straight inside the van)
– 2WD
– Gas powered
– Swivel seats
– Stock tires
– Non-lifted
– Stock stereo with Sirius XM, satellite navigation, backup camera, Bluetooth, aux, and standard radio capabilities.
– Blind spot monitoring on the mirrors
– Wind assistance
– Stock class C trailer hitch

Everything Else:
– 12V gas-powered Espar heater. This heater is hidden under the bench seat. It uses gas from the fuel tank of the van and is very powerful and efficient using only one gallon of gas for every 20 hours of run time (give or take depending on how hard it’s worked.) The digital controls are next to the bed, so you don’t even have to get up to turn it on. It also has a fail-safe so it will never allow your gas tank to drop below 1/4 of a tank.

– Laveo Dry Flush toilet. This toilet is battery-powered and is not attached to the van. It’s light, so you can move it and take it anywhere. It uses special bags and a mechanism that twists and removes air creating a “vacuum seal” with each flush. When the bag is full, simply throw it out. No dumping, no biohazard. The battery life is amazing, we haven’t even had to charge it yet. The bags are specially made by the company and cost around $12/bag. Each bag has around 12-15 flushes depending on how much waste is going into it. This is a fantastic amenity with the van.

– Dometic FreshJet 3 Series, Rooftop RV Air Conditioner/Fan 15000 BTU. I had a special 20 amp outlet installed on the back of the van to run the a/c separately from the batteries of the van. You can plug it into a 20 or 15 amp outlet. Both extension cords are included.

– There is a removable swivel table that allows for eating or working without taking up much space.

– Customized Bug Wall insect screen for sliding door to keep bugs out when you want to leave the door open.

– Custom, insulated window covers that block out 100% of light for privacy and good sleep.

– Butcher block extendable counter by the sink

– Front window screened vents

– Three security video cameras

– Construction consists mostly of wood and a little bit of metal. The floor is luxury vinyl planking that is scratch and waterproof. The walls are wooden shiplap and can be painted any color. The ceiling is wooden shiplap that is stained and protected. The entire van is insulated with 3M Thinsulate. The “garage area” is covered with a coin-gripped rubber that is waterproof and easily replaceable.

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