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, Oregon
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, Oregon
31,400 Miles
Last Modified January 15, 2024

2021 Ford AWD 350 Transit, Twin Turbo eco boost conversion van. $115,000. Reduced to $100000
The Van is a 2021 Ford Transit 350 AWD High Roof, Long Wheelbase with the Extended Length Option in Abyss Gray. It’s a single-wheel rear axle with a GVWR of 9550 lbs. The suspension has been professionally upgraded with the Van Compass kit, along with the addition of KO2 tires and Method MR703 wheels. These upgrades have taken the van to the highest performance point possible for this vehicle in terms of handling and stability. It’s an incredible ride. The EcoBoost engine from Ford is renowned for its performance, and we have certainly been impressed with it. Currently we’re sitting at just over 31,000 miles on it- mostly highway, of course.
Conversion Details:
The goal with this conversion was to create a tiny apartment on wheels. While many van conversions are done solely for weekend recreation, this one was designed to feel like home while retaining full off-grid functionality for extended periods of travel.
The conversion began by installing a few things into the shell: a Maxxfan 7500 deluxe (10-speed) in the front, a Fresair cooler in the back, and two 30″x19″ CRL awning-style bunk windows on either side in the back for ventilation and light. This allows for massive air flow capability in the van, which is critically important for keeping things comfy in more extreme weather conditions.
Power: The home is powered by 510Ah of LiFePO4 batteries. We installed 3 methods of charge for the batteries: A solar system, shore power hookup, and a DC-DC charger (alternator charging). There were no expense spared with any of the components, including name-brand equipment and high-end marine-grade copper stranded wire throughout. The work was supervised and reviewed by professionals in the field, and have received commendation for the quality. Everything works exactly as it should with the electrical. There are DC and AC outlets strategically & conveniently placed throughout the van, and there is PLENTY of power available for just about anything you’ll need while adventuring.
Water: The van is outfitted with two 25-gal tanks on the inside of the van under the benches. This amount of water is an exceptional capacity for a van and allows for a worry-free extended off-grid experience. As with the electrical, there were quality fittings and approved methods for install, and as a result have had zero leaks or malfunctions with the water system. The water pressure is amazing, just like in a house.
Propane: It was important to diversify the energy sources where possible, and propane is great for this. Installed a 12gal RV-style undermount tank on the van. This is easily refilled via the remote fill kit which was installed and ran to the back bumper. The propane powers the stove and oven, heater, and two water heaters. installed is a solenoid at the tank which is wired to a switch inside the van which allows you to shut off the flow of propane at the source as an added layer of caution (for example, for when you’re asleep- you won’t worry about any leaks and breathing propane). This system also has worked exactly as planned and is a great economical source of fuel for these appliances.
Kitchen: The kitchen is fully-functional with an 8 cu. ft. refrigerator & freezer from Furrion, a 21″ gas range and oven from Furrion, and a large undermount stainless steel sink from Kraus. There is an amazing amount of storage with a pull-out pantry, upper cabinets, lower cabinets and drawers, a large drawer for pots and pans, and toe-kick storage as well. There has even been baked bread, pies, pizzas, you name it!, in that oven. The stove top works amazing as well. The sink drains into a 15gal gray tank mounted under the van which is easily dumped via electric solenoid with a switch above the countertop.
Bathroom: was created as an innovative design for a convertible shower space that doubles as an entryway. Conversion to shower mode is quick and easy, and the recirculating shower system allows for long, hot showers without wasting water. The recirculating system includes four stages of filtration. This system is AMAZING! The toilet is inside the bench at the entryway. It is a composting toilet design with a urine diverter which routes urine to a 5 gal tank under the van. It also has a ventilation hose with a fan also blowing outward under the van which keeps any toilet smells perfectly undetectable. The urine tank can be easily dumped with the flip of a switch located on the side of the bench. This system works wonderfully.
Living, Dining, and Bedroom: The back half of the van is dedicated to a convertible living space which we optimized for versatility. The benches are arranged in a U-shape and lined with high-quality cushions that were made using SailRite foam and faux leather upholstery material. The 4’x2′ table rests on a Lagun swivel mount and can be fully removed or stationed in multiple positions that allow for different seating arrangements. From reclining and cuddling to eating a meal with friends, the space really is flexible. To convert to night-time mode, the table rests on cleats between the benches, and the back cushions fit snugly on top of it to create the mattress. A 2-blanket system makes the conversion a snap: simply throw down a quilt as the base layer and a comforter on top, and you’ll be super cozy! As a side note, this bed is one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on.
Garage: The storage space under the benches is accessible via bench top and also from the back of the van. There is plenty of storage space in there for all kinds of accessories and equipment. Additionally there are two 110V outlets wired to that space for utility (i.e. plugging in tools, pumps, charging batteries, etc.).
The van comes fully-equipped with all accessories which will allow for a quick and smooth transition into your adventuring lifestyle! Accessories provided with
this sale will allow you to literally jump in and go! These include:
-MoonShade Awning
– GoTreads
– Hoses and fittings
– Water Pumps
– Boost wifi
– Inline Water Filter -Storage Containers

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