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Costa Mesa
, California
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Costa Mesa
, California
1,050 Miles
Last Modified December 31, 2023

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Beautifully and tastefully built Ford Transit HighRoof Long Wheelbase T-350 All Wheel Drive V6 10 Speed.With only 1050 original miles. Has two black cloth swivel seats a backup camera, a forward collision warning, and lots of great standard features. The build is professionally done, took longer than expected fo to supply shortages in 2021. Van is new and is ready for its new owner.

This vehicle is for those who want to explore with lots of amenities. It has a modular layout, with 60×78 bed space(more if you include the window seal space). It can also be reduced down to 60×63 by removing one of the bed frame pillars and mattress pieces ( totcha premium mattress). The bed is mounted on 80/20 10 series double rails with linear actuators to automatically adjust the height of the bed.

Built with aluminum framing, with soft close and slam latches on all drawers and cabinets a three burner stove and up to 500-degree oven, propane tank mounted underneath. 3.3 cubic RV refrigerator, Stunning live edge acacia countertops front and back. Lifeproof vinyl flooring with foam and birch subfloor for winter adventures, 3M insulation, and havelock wool insulation throughout.

Also includes a van compass stage 4 lift kit, nano ceramic limo tinted 5% , two roof fans, a gas-powered Espar heater mounted under the passenger seat, and two rear slider windows for more ventilation. A flatline roof rack, with two Maxx air fans to help keep things cool.

Check below for a more detailed list. We are also more than happy to modify some things or install specific items for you at our shop, to make sure you have every base covered on the road!

List of features:

-Two 200(400) amp hour Lp04 Dakoata lithium batteries
-Two 200watt(400) Renogy solar panels with an automated tilting feature
-3000watt Victron inverter
-Cerbo GX touchscreen (controls the solar system)
-Victron smart battery shunt
-Victron 12|12 30 Orion DC to DC charger
-Victron smart solar mppt 100/30
-Anchor marine grade jacked wire and secured in electrical conduit
-Automatic lifting bed system
-Automatic tilting solar

-4 gallon Bosch instant water heater
-Hot and cold water filtration system
-30 gallon fresh water tank
-15 gallon grey water under mounted with electric ball valve release
-Back door hot and cold shower
-Half bath hot and cold shower behind the driver seat
-Removable shower curtain
-Braided nsf rated tubing throughout
-Overflow for water system routed underneath the van

-Suburban Elite Series 3-Burner 22″ Range
-3.3 cubic feet everchill DC fridge
-Recessed lighting and RGBI cabinet lighting
-Acacia butcher block countertops with live edge
-Foldable sink with hot and cold. Doubles as a cutting board
-Plenty of drawers for a variety of uses(equipped with latches so they wont open while driving)
-Double rev-a shelf bin slider for garbage and or laundry.
-Cedar spice and condiment rack(Not pictured)

Other Features
-Vancompass stage 4 lift kit(not pictured,but installed)
– Tochta premium mattress
-3M Thinsulate and havelock wool insulation
-Black Formica countertop grade used for all paneling
-Undermount propane tank
-Foam subfloor, for winter trips
-Lifeproof vinyl flooring with LifeProof subflooring
-76in max height at center
-Adjustable bed length from 60×78 to 60 x 62
-Tochta 4inch mattress
-Espar heater mounted under passenger seat
-Driver Passenger scopema swivel seats
-2 Maxx air fans
-Bunk and quarter panel slider windows
-Flatline pro roof rack and ladder
-Wifi Ranger Everest & indoor router( Wifi booster + 4g )
-Aluminum 80/20 ten series framing with lock tight to ensure everything stays secure.

Enjoy the beautiful grain of the cedar A van that’s truly a wonder in person and a nice place to lay your head after exploring the great United States and beyond. This model was built by The Van Conversion Guys to give the owner the option to choose between multiple hobbies throughout the year while remaining open and generating as cozy feeling with the ambient lighting. With the gas heater, large solar array, and 30gallon water tank, you’re set to live life off the grid. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, even if you think it’s silly.

Check out a video of the lifting bed and solar panels!

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