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Fort Worth
, Texas
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Fort Worth
, Texas
40,005 Miles
Last Modified February 7, 2023

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2021 Coachmen Galleria Lithium/Solar, 4×4, VB air suspension, updated insulation works down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, new Michelins, 100,000/5 yr warranty. Mercedes Benz (18-22MPG & 37,000 miles) and all break-in & (A & B Service) visits to Mercedes Benz and Coachmen and VB Air Suspension means you’re ready to hit the road. You’ll be proud of the Coachmen look … streamlined without obvious protrusions & cutouts. Cashmere seating with custom covers and cherry cabinets. Electric sliding door & LED headlights that light the night! $6,000 of add-ons included for the price with no shopping, analysis and installation. Just walk in and drive! Full size refrigerator with freezer drawer & queen size bed & full bath & shower & full kitchen with microwave and induction cooktop & captain chairs that rotate & two TVs/monitors & office. Looks & feels brand new with no pets & no smoking. Huge plus – 25 sq ft of basement storage (think refrigerator) 46” wide, 57” deep, 22.5” high
Add-ons (included with full price):
8 hour walkthrough instruction using a detailed inspection checklist on the Coachmen and Mercedes Benz so you’ll be a pro. Priceless. Vin W1X8ED6Y5-LT043163 no parking brake issue.

Quest Overland Insulated & magnetized windshield & window covers ($500)

Racattach swivel for bike rack to easily swing away to access rear doors. Swagman “Current” Bike rack is rated up to 60 lbs per bike for 2 ebikes ($1,100).

Blackstone 17” grill with cover and air fryer with 20’ ft hose propane hooks up to the onboard tank ($300).

2nd Living area: Alvantor Pop Up Screen Room, Bug Free 10×10 Gazebo Screen Enclosure with mosquito netting, folds down to 3” thick circle, $260 with ground cover

Power Watchdog Surge Protector with Bluetooth and Emergency Shut Down with phone app and all adapter power cords for 50 amp and 30 amp and 110V and extension cables ($270)

VanEssential Magnetic Insulated Roof Vent Sun Cover for MaxxAir Fan – to prevent sun from heating up the van

High-grade water filter for kitchen sink is CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter. I installed behind the trash drawer to conserve counter space ($170)

Quest Overland Insulated & magnetized windshield & window covers ($500).

Perfect for tailgating, long weekends or boondocking

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