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, Maine
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, Maine
10,271 Miles
Last Modified March 7, 2024

2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van
Year: 2021
Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: Sprinter 2500
Body Type: 170 Cargo High Roof WB
Engine Type: 3.0 V6
Color: Stone Grey
Trim: Black
Odometer: 10,271 miles

Say hello to the 22 feet, high-roof, off-grid camper van with “no compromise”. This van is equipped to go off-grid with solar panels, propane tank, and ample fresh water and grey water tanks to keep you going. No frills, no sacrifice! You get all the comforts of home. The van comes with a full-time small queen-sized bed (no setup, no takedown); fully functional kitchen with fridge, sink, stove, prep area; full standing shower; bench seating; a slide out and fold-out table for dedicated work/lounge space; and a porta-potty (if nature is calling). This sprinter van is perfect for nomad living or wherever the road takes you next.

Van Specifications:
– Factory heavy duty suspension, shocks, stabilizer
– 200 amp alternator
– Fuel tank for diesel heater
– BF Goodrich All Terrain TA KO2 radials
– Roadmaster sway bar installed
– Full length custom aluminum roof rack
– Aluminum ladder for roof access via rear door
– Rear step bumper

Interior Specifications:
– Custom baltic birch cabinetry constructed with stainless steel 90 degree corner braces for stability
– Douglas fir ceiling and wall trim
– Bamboo counters and table
– Rubber “coin tread” style flooring, no seams
– Adhesive mat style high density sound deadening with 3M thinsulate. Reflectix between wall paneling and insulation with Foamular for heat/cool insulation
– Corduroy upholstery
– Passenger seat swivels to face back of van
– Queen size high density foam with laminated memory foam topper mattress
– Stainless steel deep sink with removable stainless steel and bamboo prep board/sink cover
– Swivel faucet with 24″ pull-out feature
– All nuts, bolts, screws, washeres, brackets, etc. in the van are stainless steel for long-term durability

Tech Specifications:
– Front and rear overhead lighting and under-cabinet LED light with diffuser (3 switches, each individually dimmable)
– 2 bedside dimmable reading lights
– 4 12v. USB charging ports throughout the van
– 3 120v. (household current) duplex outlets
-Victron Digital Multi Control GX panel for remote control of garage-mounted Victron MultiPlus charger inverter
– Victron BMV 712 smart/bluetooth battery monitor
– KUS water tank level guage
– Suburban water heater control and reset
– Mopeka propane level monitor
– On/off switch panel with circuit breakers for fridge, water pump, cabin heater, and spare pre-wired for future use
– Dometic two burner propane stove with heavy duty cast-iron grate
– Norcold 2.7 CU 12v. full depth marine refrigerator (small freezer for ice cream!)
– 6 gallon propane water heater for “always on” hot water
– 2 Maxxfan ceiling fans with rain shield
– Diesel heater with wall-mounted LED controller

– 8 top flip-up cabinets line the van, starting from the kitchen to the bed
– 6 bottom drawer/open-door cabinets
– Additional storage under the corner seat of the bench
– Open storage space above driver/passenger headspace
– Coat hooks on back of the shower behind driver’s seat
– Tons of room in the “garage”, including 4 cabinets and open space

Garage Features:
– Space for two full-size mountain bikes with front wheels removed
– Expansive storage well/shelf above water tank
– Shower cabinet and access for water tank drain valve
– Electrical cabinet with full-height bypass doors for easy access to battery and electrical components
– Interior LED lights with dimmer
– 12v. and 120v. charging port and duplex outlet
– Propane cabinet with floor-mounted copper “drain pipe” for safety
– 10lb tank with Marshall Excelsior two-stage regulator

Electrical System:
– 200 amp hours of lithium ion battery and 360 watts of high efficiency solar panels
– Low daily amp draw due to high efficiency of fridge, low draw LED lighting, propane for cooking and heating, allows for extended periods of off-grid time
– MultiPlus Compact 2000 watt inverter/charger controller allows the appropriate connections to always maintain power where it’s needed
– Smart Solar MPPT 100/30 solar controller
– Orion TR Smart 12/12-30 isolated DC/DC charger allows for safe charging of the house batter via van’s engine alternator
– Victron BMV 712 smart shunt for battery monitor
– 200ah lithium battery (one unit, not two 100ah batteries)
– 2x NewPowa 180 watt monocrystalline solar panels
– “Blue Sea” fuse panel and main fuse block
– Individual circuits/fuses for water heater, cabin heater, water pump, fridge, fan, stove, ceiling lights, 12v. outlets, garage 12 v., spare circuit labeled for reference
– Marine grade master on/off switch and circuit breakers
– All 12v. wiring is highest quality marine grade copper wiring, and all 120v. wiring is flexible SO cord
– Oversized 4/0 welding cable for battery connections to inveter; you will not exceed the wire rating if you add additional batteries in the future
– “Square D” 120v. circuit breaker panel– 30 amp shore power connection breaker and 15 amp for 110v. outlets

Plumbing System:
– 24 gallon Northwest Conversions fresh water tank. Double vented for proper function regardless of van angle, stainless steel marine deck spinout fitting with rubber gasket for filling. Drain with brass ballcock valve
– 15 gallon grey water tank mounted under van between frame rails and gas tank– no issues with clearance. Drain includes threaded fitting for attaching a hose to facilitate draining
– Shurflo 4008 water pump with accumulator tank; pump has upstream and downstream brass ballcock valces for easy servicing
– IsoTemp/Webasto hot water heater heats water while driving via engine coolant loop and additionally heats via 110 v. heating element to top off heat if you have not driven recently; all winterizing valves in place
– Full PEX plumbing for hot and cold supply
– Sink drain includes P-trap for grey water tank
– Shower drain has backflow prevention to keep grey water in its place

Included Accessories:
– 30 amp shore power cord for campground electrical connection
– Full magnetic window coverings for windshield, passenger windows, sliding door, and bed windows to provide blackout conditions/privacy
– Thetford Porta Potty
– All relevant manuals for appliances, electronics, and vehicle

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