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, Texas
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, Texas
57,800 Miles
Last Modified April 6, 2024

We are selling our beloved 2021 Storyteller Overland to get a Class A RV for the growing family. If you talk to the support team at Storyteller, they will tell you this was best year model “2021” to buy hands down. 57K miles located in Southlake, TX. Zero issues, Volta System is amazing fully charges like it should and everything works as it should. As you can tell we have taken great care of her with the routine maintenance, and cleaning after every use. We have added some great additions to her to make it the most friendly Overlanding Van possible. Come fully equipped with Thermostat A/C, Microwave, TV, Shower, Sink, Bluetooth Speaker, Heated Seats, Adaptive Cruise Control, “All Storytellers come with all the Mercedes Factory Options available on the van. Drives like a SUV” Fit in any normal parking spot since it’s as long as a Full Size Chevy Crew Cab Truck. Mercedes true 4×4 not the AWD version that is way less capable than the true 4×4. Diesel motor well maintained.

We just put brand new BFG KO2’s around the whole van including the spare. The tires have less than 500 miles on them. The Schedule “A” service was just completed 500 miles ago also and completely gone over by a professional Mercedes Show that knows these vans from top to bottom. Does not need a service for another 12K/15K miles.

Used 1 day a week for work travel. The other additional items are as follows:
*Upgraded Van Essentials Black Out Shades for the whole van. “work awesome and just magnetize to the windows.”
*Bottom Quarter Wrapped in Black to prevent rock chips and make it look a little different.
*Hood Wrap for protection.
*Sink wrap for a cool look matching the hood.
*New JBL Bluetooth Speaker and Mount.
*Shower Mod to get rid of the clanky hose and changed to a moveable shower head. “We still have the Shower Hose if needed.
*32” TV with hanging mount, Apple TV & Bluetooth speaker.
* Bungee Webbing under both sides of the bed.
* We have a memory foam topper we cut to fit the bed that works great and will go with it if wanted.
* Comes ready to go day 1 with:
*SmartPlug Power Cable
*110 Adapter for extension cord plug-in.
*RV 30amp Surge Protector
*Dump Hose
*Water Hose
*Porta Potty

She is ready for the next adventure as she sits. No issues at all and needs nothing. Non-Smoker owned. 57K miles currently and will go up a couple hundred weekly for the work trips. **Does not include Super 73 Bike Rack**

Thank you for looking and let me know if you have any questions. God Bless.

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